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Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon 2 Underperforms as Viewership Drops in First Week on Netflix

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon 2 Underperforms as Viewership Drops in First Week on Netflix


  • Rebel Moon – Part Two’s
    viewing figures have dropped in its first full week on Netflix compared to its predecessor.
  • The sci-fi epic’s struggles are exacerbated by slating reviews, with
    Part Two
    only holding a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Director Zack Snyder plans to release a director’s cut of both
    Rebel Moon
    films, with the R-rated cut set to hit Netflix in the summer.

Despite skyrocketing to the top of Netflix’s weekly viewing chart upon its release, Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver (the second entry in Zack Snyder’s galactic saga) has seen its viewing figures drop after its first full week on Netflix. Inspired by George Lucas’ Star Wars, Snyder’s Rebel Moon franchise is a darker, more mature take on the timeless sci-fi franchise. Part Two continues the saga’s story, following Kora and the surviving group of warriors as they return to Veldt, and are quickly followed by Admiral Noble’s dreadnought forces.

When it debuted on April 19, Rebel Moon – Part 2 managed to secure just over 44 million viewing hours over its first three days. This already posed problems for Snyder’s newest saga, as the film under-performed in comparison to its predecessor, which earned 54 million in the same length of time. Rebel Moon 2‘s problems continued as its viewing figures dropped to 38.8 million viewing hours between April 22nd and April 28th, the film’s first full week on Netflix.

Part Two‘s viewing figures are comparable to Netflix’s recent Original rom-com, Irish Wish, starring Lindsay Lohan, which garnered 40 million viewing hours in its first week. While the figures are similar, Irish Wish was made for a fraction of the budget of Snyder’s CGI and slow-motion sci-fi epic.

Just a few days after the figures were collected by Netflix, Rebel Moon 2‘s position in the streamer’s Top 10 chart had dropped significantly. Between April 22nd and 28th, Snyder’s film firmly held second place behind the 2023 hit rom-comAnyone But You. However, Part Two currently sits at seventh place on Netflix’s chart. Anyone But You still holds the top spot, but Miller’s Girl, Smurfs: The Lost Village, Hack Your Health: Secrets of Your Gut, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and King Richard biopic have all displaced Rebel Moon 2 in the chart.

Sadly for Zack Snyder fans, Rebel Moon‘s problems are bigger than just its viewing figures. As well as underwhelming viewership, both films were met with slating reviews, with Rebel Moon – Part One and Part Two sitting at 21% and 15% on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively.

What Next for Zack Snyder?

Snyder’s foray into the world of Rebel Moon doesn’t stop with the recent release of Part Two. As per Snyder’s contract with Netflix, the director is also releasing a director’s cut of the two already existing films. Speaking to the Associated Press in January, Snyder described the director’s cut of Rebel Moon as “almost a different universe that [the R-rated cut] lives in than this movie.” While no official date has been set yet, Snyder recently told the DGA Director’s Cut podcast that Rebel Moon‘s R-rated iteration will hit Netflix “in the summer”, marking a change from the original plan to release the R-rated cut before Rebel Moon – Part Two.


Zack Snyder Still Hasn’t Beaten His Best Rotten Tomatoes Score After 20 Years

Zack Snyder’s career started off well, but 20 years later he’s receiving his worst reviews yet.

Snyder’s fans will be given a brief breather from the director’s intergalactic saga with a new animated series, titled Twilight of the Gods. Inspired by Norse mythology, the adult-animated series will follow Sigrid, a Viking warrior who seeks revenge against the deity that ruined her wedding. Twilight of the Gods is set to drop on Netflix this fall.

Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver
is available to stream on Netflix.

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