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Young Sheldon Season 7 Cast Hints George Cooper’s Funeral with New Set Images

Young Sheldon Season 7 Cast Hints George Cooper's Funeral with New Set Images


  • The set images from
    Young Sheldon
    hint at George Cooper’s funeral, a significant plot development the show is addressing soon.
  • Actors don all black attire in the photos, indicating the looming emotional storyline of George’s demise being dealt with on-screen.
  • As Young Sheldon wraps up its final season, the focus on maintaining consistency with
    The Big Bang Theory
    narrative includes exploring George’s death.

The latest set images from Young Sheldon season 7 have teased fans with the significant plot development of George Cooper’s funeral.

Young Sheldon poster

Young Sheldon

Release Date
September 25, 2017


Chuck Lorre Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro

In a series of photos shared by Young Sheldon cast members, the actors are seen dressed in all black. This suggests that the show may be preparing to address the untimely death of Sheldon’s father. As CBS’s leading comedy series approaches the latter half of its final season, the focus is on wrapping up the storylines and maintaining consistency with The Big Bang Theory lore. The demise of George Cooper is a lingering narrative that has been alluded to but never fully explored in the original series.

The set images feature various cast members in somber attire. Rachel Bay Jones, who plays Audrey, shared a photo alongside Will Sasso, Wallace Shawn, and Emily Osment, all dressed in formal black clothing. Melissa Peterman, known for her role as Brenda Sparks, also posted a group picture with Raegan Revord (Missy Cooper) and Annie Potts (Meemaw), similarly clad in black. Emily Osment further confirmed the speculation by uploading her own photos from the same day of filming.

Watch Sheldon Star Reacts to Big George’s Death Ahead of Season 7 Premiere video below:

While the show’s creators have yet to confirm the storyline, the visual cues from these set images strongly suggest that the series is preparing to tackle the emotional storyline of George Cooper’s funeral. Fans are eager to see how Young Sheldon will bridge the gap between its narrative and that of The Big Bang Theory.

How Young Sheldon Will Address George Cooper’s Death

As Young Sheldon moves towards its conclusion, the series’ endgame is becoming increasingly apparent. With Young Sheldon’s story being dictated by The Big Bang Theory canon, the prequel series is compelled to address the death of George Cooper.

In The Big Bang Theory, George Cooper’s absence is a given, as he passed away years before the events of the show. The upcoming spinoff centered around George and Mandy essentially acts as a sequel to Young Sheldon, leaving the latter with no option but to depict George’s demise on-screen.


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While there are potential ways to minimize the impact of George’s death on the narrative, such as revealing it through adult Sheldon’s narration, this method could be viewed as an excuse. Young Sheldon has already faced criticism for retconning aspects of George’s character, and failing to adequately address his death could add to the discontent.

In the upcoming seventh season, episode seven will feature the wedding of Mandy and Georgie, with George still very much alive. However, his death could occur unexpectedly at any point thereafter. The manner in which Young Sheldon navigates this tragedy and its repercussions on the family dynamic will be crucial.

Young Sheldon
Season 7 new episodes air every Thursday on CBS.

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