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‘You Are Like “Don’t Touch That” But They Do’

'You Are Like


  • Twin Peaks
    remains a unique masterpiece not to be recreated with a new cast, according to Kyle MacLachlan.
  • MacLachlan recalls the TV stigma of the ’90s and how appearing on TV back then was different.
  • The line between TV and cinema has blurred recently, but
    Twin Peaks
    still stands out for its originality.

Twin Peaks was brought back to TV in 2017 for an unexpected revival, but star Kyle MacLachlan doesn’t think it should happen again with a new cast. David Lynch’s surreal ‘90s masterpiece still stands as one of those projects that has to be seen, as description alone just doesn’t do it any justice. For MacLachlan, the series should now be put to bed and not tinkered with again.

Twin Peaks was a huge career booster for MacLachlan, at a time when many actors would never think of appearing on TV once they had made it their intention to have a movie career. The actor, who will soon be seen in Prime Video’s Fallout series, appeared at Canneseries ahead of the premiere of the new show, and shared his thoughts on the possibility of Twin Peaks being rebooted with the assembled crowd. As per Deadline, MacLachlan said:

I don’t think I’d want to see that, and I don’t think anyone should attempt it. You are like, ‘Don’t touch that,’ but they do, they can’t help but put their hand on the stove again. That is the problem.

Twin Peaks became an instant cult classic when it was released in 1990. Running for only two seasons, the show became a master class in how to make a unique piece of television in a way that only David Lynch can quite pull off. A prequel TV movie followed in 1992, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, but it did not quite live up to the legacy of the series. Against all odds, almost three decades later, Twin Peaks: The Return managed to match and even surpass the original show in many ways.

Kyle MacLachlan Recalls “TV Stigma” of the ‘90s

Kyle MacLachlan drinking coffee in Twin Peaks

The last several years have seen the line between TV and cinema blurred almost to the point of insignificance. Actors who would previously have only been seen on the big screen, such as Tom Hanks and Jodie Foster, are now leading TV shows for streaming platforms, and movies heading to Apple TV+ and Netflix are being made with budgets that are usually reserved for the biggest blockbusters.

However, MacLachlan remembered how appearing on TV around the time Twin Peaks came out was much different to now. As an actor in the middle of attempting to build a movie career, switching to television in the 1990s came with a lot of stigma attached to it. He recalled:

“There was definitely a stigma attached to TV, and I was moving from a potential movie career. I had trepidations and questioned whether I was old enough to do it and worried what the perception was going to be. But it turned out I didn’t need to worry. [The cast] all recognized how weird Twin Peaks was. We didn’t think it would get past ‘one and done’ and thought it might become a movie of the week but said that we had to be part of it because it is David Lynch.”


Why Twin Peaks: The Return Is the Best Legacy Sequel

Showtime’s 2017 sequel miniseries Twin Peaks: The Return didn’t just utilize nostalgia to be a cash grab.

It is hard to imagine there ever being another TV quite like Twin Peaks, despite many attempting a similar vibe to David Lynch’s classic. That is probably the biggest reason not to attempt to bring back the series again with a new cast, as, like many remakes and reboots, it would most likely end up just being a pale imitation of what came before.

Twin Peaks
Twin Peak: The Return
can currently be streamed on Paramount
+. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
is available on Max.

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