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X-Men ’97 Mansion, Up House & More Will Soon be Available to Rent on Airbnb

X-Men '97 Mansion, Up House & More Will Soon be Available to Rent on Airbnb


  • Rent out iconic pop-culture homes on Airbnb for unique experiences, like X-Men’s school or
    floating house.
  • Properties are recreated to match the shows, offering tours, activities, and celebrity interactions for guests.
  • Airbnb’s ‘Icons’ campaign expands the company’s offerings beyond just places to stay, bringing magic and experiences.

Prepare to go bankrupt… you can soon rent Charles Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning from X-Men ’97 through Airbnb. The property comes as part of the company’s ‘Icons’ campaign, which is offering customers the chance to stay in recreations of houses from pop-culture. As well as the Xavier Institute, Airbnb are also recreating the iconic house from Up, the control room from Inside Out, Barbie‘s Dreamhouse, and the home from Home Alone.

In an interview with THR, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said:

“The name Airbnb is a noun and a verb used all over the world, that’s a good thing, that means everyone knows it. But the downside is kind of like Kleenex or Xerox, it’s associated with one thing, and we want to do more things,. We want to be in the business not just of places to stay, but experiences and more. And so I think this is a gateway for us to offer more types of services and more types of offerings, and really just do something I think that brings magic in the world and attaches us to some of the biggest icons in culture.”

It is important to note that many of these vacation spots, like the X-Men school, are not the filming locations. Instead, Airbnb has painstakingly recreated, room-for-room, the design of the properties in their respective movies/shows. The school from X-Men ’97 has been designed so that some areas of the house look like 2-d animation, just like the show. The building is also adorned by a decapitated Sentinel head outside the front. Yellow spandex is optional.


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Chesky said the idea of Airbnb ‘Icons’ actually started as a joke:

“One day we had to go to Ikea to go furniture shopping, and we were walking past this bedroom showroom, and we thought to ourselves, ‘wouldn’t it be kind of funny if we put that on Airbnb?’ It captured people’s imagination. And we started realizing, what if this wasn’t just a one-off program?”

The House from Up Can Actually ‘Fly’

As if staying in these properties wasn’t cool enough, Airbnb aren’t stopping there, and are offering customers exclusive experiences during their stays. Marvel fans who stay in the Xavier Institute can look forward to a tour of the building by X-Men in training (professional actors), a cocktail-making experience in Beast’s lab, and hands-on combat training from a professional stuntperson in the building’s ‘danger room.’ Although, if you’re afraid of heights, you might want to avoid Carl’s house from Up. As well as featuring hundreds of balloons on the roof, the building is strapped to a functioning crane, which can lift the building in the air during guests’ stays. THR shared a glimpse of the building in flight on X/Twitter.

Some of these experiences also feature exclusive access to never released footage, and personal meet-and-greets with celebrities. Music lovers who stay in Prince’s Purple Rain house can listen to rare recordings by the musician, while another experience includes an evening with Kevin Hart at his members-only Coramino Live Lounger. Chesky said:

“I think it’s about the details. You know Walt Disney used to talk about the details. Walt Disney also said if you can dream it, you can do it and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.”

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