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X-Men ’97 Intro Transforms into LEGO in a Stunning Stop-Motion Fan Video

X-Men '97 Intro Transforms into LEGO in a Stunning Stop-Motion Fan Video


  • X-Men ’97
    fans are thrilled by the LegoBricks Studio LEGO recreation of the iconic animated series opening sequence.
  • The
    X-Men ’97
    series revival has garnered perfect critical acclaim, picking up where the original left off with new challenges.
  • Directors of
    X-Men ’97
    have expressed openness to leading a live-action MCU adaptation, sparking excitement among fans.

As a celebration for X-Men ’97 release, a new reimagined and intricate LEGO version of the X-Men: The Animated Series classic opening sequence video was created by stop-motion artist known as LegoBricks Studio.

LegoBricks Studio’s video is a meticulously detailed recreation, capturing the essence of each character through dynamic LEGO visuals. Every superhero’s power is brought to life with special effects, maintaining the spirited transitions of the original opening. The new LEGO version intro also included a Deadpool cameo, adding a contemporary twist that bridges the old with the new.

X-Men '97

X-Men ’97


Release Date
March 20, 2024

Jennifer Hale , Chris Potter , Ray Chase , George Buza , Catherine Disher , JP Karliak


Marvel Studios


After a 27-year hiatus, X-Men ’97 revives the adventures of Marvel’s famed mutant ensemble, enhancing the dialogue, visuals, and artistic flair to resonate with today’s audience while inviting newcomers to explore the 1990s nostalgia. The reboot has been met with enthusiasm, rekindling the affection fans hold for the original series.

X-Men ’97 Took Off with Perfect Critical Acclaim and a Nostalgic Flair

X-Men ’97 has launched to a roaring start, achieving a rare feat with a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes after the first 30 critical reviews. The new X-Men series continues where the original X-Men: The Animated Series left off.

X-Men ’97 kicks off with dramatic flair, confronting the death of Professor X, which sets the stage for the new challenges and development for the mutant team. The series captures the essence of its 1990s predecessor with a modern twist. Variety’s Alison Herman said:

“The pace can be dizzying, but when rendered in the pleasantly throwback, neon-colored, two-dimensional style of the original, it’s also engaging. There’s no time for things to drag when the plot is this packed.”

MovieWeb’s Richard Fink praised X-Men ’97 for perfectly capturing the spirit of the original series. He said:

X-Men ’97 is familiar but fresh, and instead of feeling like a cheap nostalgic cash grab, it uses its 1990s setting to shine a light on modern-day political issues, highlighting what has and has not changed in the years past.

X-Men ’97 Directors Open to Leading MCU Live-Action Adaptation

As X-Men ’97 continues to enjoy the warm reception on Disney+, rumors about the series directors Chase Conley and Emi Yonemura leading a live-action adaptation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) began emerging. According to Screen Rant, both directors expressed their openness to such an opportunity, reflecting their enthusiasm and readiness to tackle new creative challenges.

: “I would never say no to that phone call because I love a good challenge, and I love trying new things.”

: “If that’s a call that we get, at some point, I’m gonna pick the phone up for sure.”

Since its release, the series has drawn significant critical acclaim. Though no concrete plans have been announced regarding when or how the beloved mutants will be featured in their own MCU storyline, fans of the animated revival have been vocal about their support for Conley and Yonemura helming a live-action version.

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