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X-Files Star Gillian Anderson Is ‘Not Saying No’ to a Return in Ryan Coogler’s Reboot

X-Files Star Gillian Anderson Is 'Not Saying No' to a Return in Ryan Coogler’s Reboot


  • Gillian Anderson open to
    Black Panther
  • X-Files
    creator Chris Carter hints at reboot led by “diverse cast,” has “good ideas” for the revival.
  • Carter acknowledges challenges for Coogler in rebooting
    , remains open to Duchovny and Anderson returning for revival.

Gillian Anderson has not ruled out appearing in Black Panther director Ryan Coogler’s upcoming reboot of The X-Files. During a recent appearance on the Today show (via Deadline), Anderson called Coogler “a bit of a genius,” and said that she would not be against appearing in the new series as Dana Scully “for a little something something.”

“Whether I am involved in it is a whole other thing. I’m not saying no. I think he’s really cool and I think if he did it, it would probably be done incredibly well. And maybe I’ll pop in for a little something something.”

Anderson starred in The X-Files as Dana Scully alongside David Duchovny as Fox Mulder from 1992 to 2002, with the iconic series following the two FBI agents as they investigate the titular “X-Files,” looking into marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena.

Anderson revealed that, while she has been asked about a potential reboot of the show for as long as she can remember, she never thought it would actually happen.

“It’s so funny because for most of my life, since I have finished The X-Files, every interview I do, people have asked and the answer has always been, ‘Nope, not going to happen, not going to happen.’ Now, Ryan Coogler, who is the director of Black Panther — brilliant, brilliant director — has approached Chris Carter to say that he wants to do a take on it, and I cannot think of a better way around for a reboot to happen.”

The X-Files Reboot Will Be Led by a ‘Diverse Cast’

The X-Files poster

The X-Files

Release Date
September 10, 1993

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Chris Carter

The X-Files creator Chris Carter, meanwhile, has revealed some details of Coogler’s reboot. While not being involved in the show, Carter has had conversations about the project with Coogler, and says he has “good ideas” while revealing that the series will be led by “a diverse cast.”

“I’m not supposed to be talking about it, according to Disney. But I’ll tell you, yes. I’ve had a conversation with him. Yes, he likes to go with a diverse cast. And he’s got some good ideas.”


The X-Files Creator Reveals Execs Wanted Someone Else for Gillian Anderson’s Scully Role: ‘Where’s the Sex Appeal?’

The X-Files creator Chris Carter shared Gillian Anderson wasn’t the Fox execs’ ‘idea of sexy.’

More recently, Carter has offered some insight into the problems that Coogler could come across when bringing the reboot to screens. And they’re likely to be the same problems he faced when developing the original series in the ‘90s.

“I just asked him what his ideas were, and he told me, and I said, ‘Those sound like good ideas.’ No matter what, he’s got a hard job. Casting is a hard job. Mounting it is a hard job. All the problems that I dealt with are going to be his problems.”

Despite the reboot, much like Anderson, Carter does not dismiss a potential return of both Mulder and Scully, saying he would love to do a revival if both Duchovny and Anderson were on board.

“Oh, if David [Duchovny] and Gillian [Anderson] wanted to do it again. Yeah, probably, then I would be inspired.”

The X-Files
reboot does not yet have a release date.

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