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When Will Invincible Season 3 Be Released?

When Will Invincible Season 3 Be Released?

Though superhero fatigue has begun to set in for some, certain franchises continue to find new audiences. Since its premiere in 2021, Invincible has managed to avoid the dwindling numbers of the MCU, receiving spectacular reviews for both seasons of the series. It’s also not a conventional superhero show. After all, most don’t have gratuitous levels of violence and bloodshed. It’s definitely not for kids, but despite that, it’s still the best superhero property out there.

We are now two seasons in, and things are really starting to heat up. Season 2 just ended, and it’s no surprise that fans are wondering how long they’ll have to wait for Season 3. It took almost three years to get Season 2, and most of the best shows don’t even come out on a yearly basis anymore. Luckily, the creators of the series may have some good news about the return of Mark and Nolan Grayson (AKA: Invincible and Omni-Man). Here’s everything we know about the timetable for Invincible Season 3.

Where We Left Invincible in Season 2




Amazon Studios, Image Comics, Point Grey Pictures

Before discussing where we are going, let’s look at where we have been. Season 2 of Invincible went to the multiverse, a common superhero trend at this point, but fans can discuss amongst themselves who did it better. But along with that, it also gave them a better look into the cosmos. Following Omni-Man’s desertion of Earth, he is found by Mark three episodes into Season 2 on the planet Thraxa (“This Missive, This Machination!”), where he’s revealed to have started another family.

Not long after, he and Mark are attacked by two Viltrimites, members of their native species. They imprison Omni-Man for desertion of Earth and assign Mark his previous job: to prepare Earth for Viltrimite takeover, or the planet will be destroyed. He didn’t return alone, though. He also escorted his new half-brother from Omni-Man’s Thraxan family, whom his mom adopted as her own.


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This was only to set up conflicts to come, as Mark’s life as a superhero will be challenged by various foes. The primary adversary for this season is the multiversal-hopping Angstrom Levy, voiced by Sterling K. Brown. Angstrom is from another distant universe where Mark and his father were the villains and laid waste to his home, leading him on a journey that would culminate in his arrival in the main universe to gain revenge.

In their final confrontation, they find themselves in a universe reduced to white sand. With his family under attack and his mother already having been viciously assaulted by the villain, Mark does everything he can to protect them, leading to him beating Levy in the same way that his father had done to him in the previous season (Where I Really Come From). A horrified Mark then broke down at the shocking violence he displayed, seeing his father’s rage in himself.

Mark is then rescued by this universe’s version of the Guardians of the Globe, who send him home, but not before the alternative Atom Eve confesses her feelings for him and claims his Eve’s feelings are the same, urging him to be honest with his own. Unfortunately, he may not do that for a while as he seems to have dedicated himself to being Invincible and putting Mark aside, resulting in his break-up with Amber in the penultimate episode of Season 2 (“I’m Not Going Anywhere”).

When Should We Expect Invincible Season 3?

The nearly three-year wait after Invincible’s first season was soul-crushing. So many other shows came out in that time frame—The Last of Us, House of the Dragon, The Rings of Power—and this is commonplace, too. Whether it be live-action or animated, the latest season of a series typically takes two years or longer.

Luckily, that doesn’t appear to be the case with Season 3 of Invincible. This was even alluded to in a recent episode (“I’m Not Going Anywhere”). Attending a convention, Mark has the chance to ask the creator of Séance Dog a question, and things get kind of meta. He asks when the new season is coming out, to which the creator replies, “Probably not for another year, sorry. Animation takes a long time.” They’re talking about fictional property, but the implications are clear. This was Invincible poking fun at their own delays over the last few years and hinting that the new season won’t take as long.


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Of course, Season 3 could still be a long wait, as things are always subject to change in the entertainment industry. Luckily, Robert Kirkman and the creators of Invincible are hoping that Season 3 will come much sooner than later in 2025. The gap between seasons will be reasonable this time. Like the Kirkman stand-in said, animation takes a while. Despite the long wait this season, there were noticeable corners cut, and the producers will no doubt want to give fans the best quality possible. The official Invincible social media account recently gave an update, which will hopefully reassure fans.

Luckily, the update confirms that voice acting is already complete for next season, meaning most of the work left will focus on the animation itself. Simon Racioppa, co-showrunner of Invincible, stated, “We are deep in Season 3.” In addition, with the help of the comics, There are already big indicators of what we can expect from the following season. One of them was the arrival of what is already a controversial character.

What Can We Expect in Invincible Season 3?

The Invincible comics have been over for a long time, so fans can easily look this up if they don’t care for spoilers. They can even look at the last link in this article about a mentioned controversial character, but we’re professional. Something fans can look forward to is a continuation of Mark’s mental anguish at what he did to Angstrom. Not only was it against the basic moral code of a hero, but it was something that would traumatize anyone on a human level. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the series tackles it going forward.

Fans may also have another reunion with his father to look forward to. After all, the last scene of the season is a still-imprisoned Omni-Man discussing a possible escape with Allen the Alien. It would certainly be a tense encounter if he returned to Earth, especially after Mark vowed to keep him from doing so.

One thing fans can certainly expect to happen is the appearance of more Viltrimite enemies. As the forewarned invasion draws near, it only makes sense that we’ll learn more about the warrior race. A few could even come to Earth to continue giving Mark trouble. If that does happen, Mark will at least have help from his fellow heroes. He may even get some help from his new half-brother. Thraxans age far quicker than humans, so the young alien may not be a child the next time he is seen.

However, even for those who read the comics, that isn’t a guarantee that things will remain the same. The animated series has already made numerous changes to the source material. Many have been small sacrifices for the sake of story flow, but others were more significant. For example, Debbie’s role on the pages was not as significant on the screen.

Also, the roles of other characters were reduced, with David Hiles, one of Mark’s teachers, becoming a sadistic villain with a hatred for his students. Most of the changes were necessary, but they added a layer of unpredictability to the series. Fans will have to wait to see how things shake out, but one thing is certain. The battle has only just begun. Invincible is streaming now on Prime Video.

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