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‘We Made a Great Show’

‘We Made a Great Show’


  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus stands by
    overall greatness, dismissing fans’ disdain for the series finale.
  • Larry David cleverly addressed
    controversial finale in
    Curb Your Enthusiasm’s
    last episode.
  • Louis-Dreyfus shares that she has finished shooting her part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming

Julia Louis-Dreyfus isn’t letting the past inform what she firmly believes, or the opinion the actress has of Jerry Seinfeld’s exceptional “show about nothing.” Louis-Dreyfus famously portrayed Elaine Benes during all nine seasons of the television sitcom Seinfeld. But, despite how successful Seinfeld turned out to be, some fans simply can’t get over the wretched series finale, which resulted in the four main characters being locked away in prison for a year. When asked if the fandom’s backlash over that ending “stuck with” the actress over the decades, Louis Dreyfus answered (per Variety):

Absolutely not. We made a great show. That was my big takeaway. That’s what stuck with me.

Seinfeld co-creator Larry David recently had the opportunity to address the highly-criticized finale while wrapping up his own series, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Much like the absurd conclusion to Jerry Seinfeld’s nine-year stint on NBC’s Emmy award-winning TV program, Larry finds himself on trial, too.

Seinfeld poster


Release Date
July 5, 1989



But just when it looks like Larry David is going to be locked away in prison, Jerry reveals that one of the sequestered jurors from his case snuck out of the courtroom — and so David is set free. As the two friends casually walk away from the cell, Jerry and Larry realize that’s how they should have ended the show about nothing, too.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Isn’t Surprised Larry David Revisited Seinfeld’s Finale

The fictionalized version of Larry David did some horrible things on Curb Your Enthusiasm. But in his own series’ finale, David found a way to logically address the show about nothing’s faux pas, which is, of course, the controversial ending to the beloved Seinfeld sitcom. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus isn’t at all surprised that David found a creative way to take on the Seinfeld finale issue within the confines of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s own swan song. Louis-Dreyfus said in the same interview:

“It makes sense!
He’s [Larry David]
somebody who obsesses,
and it makes sense that he revisited that.
I know that the criticism of the finale bothered him,
and I’m thrilled that
he was able to address it in a really clever way in his own finale.
It was fabulous.”


The Curb Your Enthusiasm Finale Fixed a Major Seinfeld Problem

Seinfeld’s series finale was infamously polarizing — a problem that Larry sought to correct 26 years later, in the finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

David’s long-time friend and collaborator was also quite pleased with the way things shaked out. Jerry Seinfeld praised the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale, which he took part in by playing himself during the final episode. And as already mentioned, Jerry was instrumental in freeing Larry from the hoosegow.

Now, before Louis-Dreyfus’ interview concluded, the actress was asked if she’d wrapped up filming her part — Louis-Dreyfus portrays Valentina Allegra de Fontaine — in the MCU’s Thunderbolts. And the actress answered without giving away any spoilers. Louis-Dreyfus said:

Yes. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Marvel Universe, but when you join it, you sign your life away in an NDA. So, if I say anything to you right now, I will be executed by the universe.

Fans can stream and/or binge-watch Seasons 1-9 of
at the time of this writing.

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