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Walton Goggins Got ‘Bit 5 Times’ by a Brown Recluse Spider Filming Fallout

Walton Goggins Got 'Bit 5 Times' by a Brown Recluse Spider Filming Fallout


  • Walton Goggins was bitten five times by a brown recluse prior to the start of filming Prime Video’s
  • Goggins found the spider in his pants after he felt his leg start burning one morning.
  • The actor describes his character, a bounty-hunting Ghoul, as devilishly handsome, cynical and deeply pragmatic in the post-apocalyptic world of

Walton Goggins isn’t digging coal or going toe-to-toe with Timothy Olyphant this time around. While many recognize Goggins for his stirring performance as Boyd Crowder on the FX series Justified, the actor’s latest role is that of a bounty-hunting Ghoul in Prime Video’s adaptation of the video game Fallout. But Goggins found himself being “bit five times” by a brown recluse before he even started shooting the upcoming series. Goggins said in an exclusive interview with MovieWeb:

“It wasn’t on my first day of filming, but it was on
the first day that we were to do the makeup for The Ghoul,
the first test we were going to do. And I was staying in this hotel.
I won’t say the name of the hotel
because, for all I know, I could have brought it from the Hudson Valley.
It could’ve been in my bag.

But I put my pants on in the morning, going to make a cup of coffee at
five o’clock in the morning,
because I was up, I was on New York time. And
I felt my leg just started burning,
and it just started burning again and again and again.”



Release Date
April 11, 2024


Amazon Studios, Kilter Films, Bethesda Game Studios

Geneva Robertson-Dworet

Goggins continued:

“And I was going like, ‘This makes no sense.’
You want a spider bite after you have a cappuccino in the morning,
not before, because you can’t really understand what’s happening.
I put my pants down, there was a spider;
I took it to a doctor. He said, ‘That’s a brown recluse, and
you got bit five times by it.
So, you’re lucky that you came in when you did.’ It all worked out, thank God.”

Walton Goggins Ghoul-ish Character

Walton Goggins’ Justified character, Boyd Crowder, is a far cry from the bounty hunter he portrays in Prime Video’s upcoming Fallout series. Formerly known as Cooper Howard, The Ghoul has been “roaming the world for 200 years,” and Goggins describes him as “ruthless.” Goggins ellaborates on his latest character in a recent sit-down. Goggins told IGN:

“He’s a bounty hunter. He’s been roaming the world for 200 years. He is ruthless.
He is not without morals. He has his own kind of moral code. He is pragmatic. He is devilishly handsome, with a wicked sense of humor, but he has seen the lesser side of humanity in some ways.
He’s the great observer in this world
and takes the audience through this journey.”


What Is a Ghoul in Fallout? Walton Goggins’ Character, Explained

Who is Walton Goggins’ mysterious ghoulish bounty hunter in Prime Video’s Fallout series?

Goggins continued:

he’s cynical, deeply cynical about everything that he’s seen,
but he wasn’t always that way, right? I mean,
The Ghoul has a name and his name was Cooper Howard,
and I can’t really tell you too much about him, but
the chasm between the two is vast.
And yeah, so you’ll see it kind of retro-engineered really like why his worldview is his worldview.”

Fallout follows in the footsteps of video games adapted for other media. Some of the most recent such endeavors include The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023), Mortal Kombat (2021) and Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), which features Hollywood icon Jim Carrey as the villainous Doctor Eggman.

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