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Walking Dead Star Addresses The Ones Who Live Season 2 Chances After Season Finale

Walking Dead Star Addresses The Ones Who Live Season 2 Chances After Season Finale


  • The Ones Who Live
    finale wraps up Rick and Michonne’s story, leaving fans unsure if they’ll return. Season 2 remains a mystery.
  • Fans eagerly await news on a potential second season of
    The Ones Who Live
    , as the spin-off has breathed new life into
    The Walking Dead
  • Danai Gurira hints at the responsibility Rick and Michonne feel towards the world beyond themselves, suggesting a deeper narrative for potential future seasons.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live delivered its final episode on Sunday, and brought the story of Rick and Michonne Grimes to a close – at least for now. Unexpectedly, the finale seemed to wrap up the story of the Grimes family in a way that could almost mean we never see them again. Star Danai Gurira spoke to about the series, and particularly whether there would be a second season.

Although previous spin-offs, Dead City and Daryl Dixon, were renewed for more episodes immediately, The Ones Who Live is currently still a limited series. When asked about the chances of Season 2, Gurira played expectedly coy. She said:

“You know I’m not going to answer that! But, yeah, definitely, I feel great about how this has gone. I’m so thankful for how the audiences and the fans have responded. I feel like it feels really special how people have taken the story and seem to have really have had a good time with it. So there is a lot of thankfulness about that, and that’s where we are right now.”

Fans have not been quiet in their calls for another season of The Ones Who Live, as the show has continued the surprising resurgence in The Walking Dead franchise after the diminishing returns of the flagship series in its final seasons. Whether they will get them or not is something that has yet to be announced, but it is clear that the franchise has somehow managed to once again resurrect itself in an audience-pleasing way.

Danai Gurira on Where Rick and Michonne Go Next

Michonne and Rick looking worried at something off-screen in The Walking Dead

During the same interview, Gurira was asked about the legacy of the OG characters, and where she sees Rick and Michonne going next – whether on screen or off it. She explained:

“Well, I think they are aware that they have to find the balance of home, but also the balance of their responsibility to think larger than themselves. I think even the connection that they’ve had now with the city that the CRM was working with, that’s an alliance, a connection that they have a responsibility to now, quite honestly, because they destroyed the army is. Those are people, those are good people who are doing good things. So I think they have, having seen what bad can be done with power, I think it is their responsibility to figure out the opposite beyond themselves, beyond their family, because that’s who they are.”


The Ones Who Live Might Just Be the Best of TWD Spin-Offs

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live was the most anticipated spin-off in the franchise, and the journey of Rick and Michonne doesn’t disappoint.

For now, this part of the Walking Dead story is over, but fans don’t have long to wait for the next installment of Daryl Dixon’s story. Reunited with Carol, Norman Reddus’ motorbike-riding survivor, will begin his new adventure in a few months, in Daryl Dixon: The Book of Carol. The first season of that show was again well received by fans, and following the success of The Ones Who Live, the renaissance of The Walking Dead is likely to continue.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live
is available to stream in its entirety on AMC+.

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