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Viral Breaking Bad Sequel Poster Convinces Fans of Bryan Cranston’s Return in “Heisenberg”

Viral Breaking Bad Sequel Poster Convinces Fans of Bryan Cranston's Return in


  • No
    Breaking Bad
    sequel with Bryan Cranston as Walter White is in the works, despite fake posters circulating on Facebook.
  • Many fans were fooled by a detailed description of the fake ”
    ” sequel movie, eagerly awaiting its release.
  • Cranston believes it’s time to let Walter White’s story rest, concluding the
    Breaking Bad
    chapter for good.

Bryan Cranston will not be reprising his role in a Breaking Bad sequel movie called “Heisenberg” despite a satirical Facebook page once again fooling fans into thinking a fake poster is for a real movie. While it may seem obvious that Walter White cannot make any kind of return to the Breaking Bad universe unless it is some kind of prequel appearance, that didn’t stop YODA BBY ABY from once again tricking many people into believing what they saw in a fake poster.

Earlier this month, the same page that fooled A Nightmare on Elm Street fans into believing that a new series based on the origins of Freddy Krueger, revealed a new poster for “Heisenberg,” along with a very detailed description of a new Breaking Bad project coming from AMC Films in August this year. The synopsis for the movie read:

“WALTER WHITE RETURNS!!! “HEISENBERG,” brings the iconic Bryan Cranston, back to the screen in a pulse-pounding sequel that unfolds after the legendary finale of Breaking Bad. When an ambulance delivers Walter White to a fate seemingly sealed by cuffs and concrete, his most daring escape begins, unveiling two hours of unmatched brilliance and ingenuity. Coming to theaters in August 2024 from AMC Films, witness Walter White’s final level, now more powerful and merciless than ever in a masterful game of survival and danger.”

Although plenty of fans were quick to dismiss the poster as a nice piece of fan art, there were many of the 84,000 who commented on it were taken in by the thought of Cranston once again returning to the role of Walter White. “I can’t wait for this I love breaking bad I’ve watched it so many times,” one commenter wrote. “Imagine ruining the greatest tv series in history,” said another.

Of course, there is no sequel movie to Breaking Bad, so those worried about the show’s legacy being ruined can rest easy.

Bryan Cranston is Done Playing Walter White

Walter White

Although some fans have been wishing for more from the world of Breaking Bad, the conclusion of spin-off series, Better Call Saul, has brought the franchise to a close for now. Although creator Vince Gilligan has suggested that he may return to that universe again in the future, for Cranston, he believes that it is time for Walter White to be laid to rest for good. He previously told Entertainment Tonight:

“Everything should come to an end. Everything’s cyclical. Our lives are cyclical. The seasons, trees, everything. And, so, it’s okay to have a beginning, middle, and end, and then let it go. I’m proud of what we did.”


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There have been plenty of rumors about where a new Breaking Bad spin-off could go, and even stars of the series such as Giancarlo Esposito have shared suggestions on how their characters’ stories could be developed into new shows. For now, these are all potential franchise expansions for the future, but as for a Heisenberg movie – that is something that isn’t going to happen outside satirical Facebook pages.

Breaking Bad is currently steaming on Netflix.

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