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TWD’s Andrew Lincoln Teases an ‘Absolutely Tremendous Reunion’ for Walking Dead Spinoff Crossover

TWD's Andrew Lincoln Teases an 'Absolutely Tremendous Reunion' for Walking Dead Spinoff Crossover


  • Andrew Lincoln hints at a possible grand reunion, describing it as a “tremendous, traumatic reunion” in
    The Walking Dead
  • Multiple TWD spinoffs exploring same zombie-infested world set the stage for a crossover event with beloved characters.
  • TWD universe’s interconnected nature and looming danger hint at a potential overarching threat for a large-scale reunion.

WARNING: This article contains The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live spoilers.Andrew Lincoln, who portrayed Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead series, recently discussed the possibility of such a crossover between the TWD spinoffs.

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The Walking Dead

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October 31, 2010



The Walking Dead

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During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lincoln hinted at the prospect of a grand reunion, reflecting on the finale of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. He described the potential event as a “tremendous, traumatic reunion,” suggesting a mix of excitement and hardship that could arise from bringing these characters back together. Read what Lincoln said below:

“That’s very astute, and something we spoke at length about. There are a few surviving personalities still in the universe, and it would be extraordinary to have them all breathe the same air at some point. It could be an absolutely tremendous, traumatic reunion of sorts.”

With the conclusion of the original series in November 2022, the narrative has branched out into various spinoffs, each exploring different facets of the zombie-infested world. Among these are “Dead City,” focusing on the duo of Maggie and Negan, “Daryl Dixon,” following the adventures of Daryl and Carol, and “The Ones Who Live,” which wraps up the story of Rick and Michonne. Despite the diversity of these series, they all share the same desolate universe, setting the stage for a potential crossover event that could reunite beloved characters.

Watch The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Trailer below:

The notion of a crossover is not exclusive to Lincoln’s thoughts. Scott Gimple, the franchise’s Chief Content Officer and showrunner of “The Ones Who Live,” has also expressed interest in weaving the various spinoffs together. By laying the groundwork in each series, the stage is set for a future event where characters from different corners of the franchise could converge, possibly to confront a new threat to their survival.

TWD Universe Unites the Scattered Survivors with the Potential for a Crossover

The feasibility of a crossover is supported by the interconnected nature of the TWD spinoffs, all set within the same universe. The revelation in “The Ones Who Live” about the CRM’s global reach, with spies in communities worldwide, hints at a looming danger that could bring the characters together. This overarching threat could serve as the catalyst for a reunion, providing a common goal for the scattered survivors.

In addition to a large-scale crossover, there is potential for individual characters to make appearances across the different series. Rick and Michonne, having safely returned to the Virginia communities, could play a role in “Daryl Dixon” or assist Maggie in “Dead City.” Such interactions would not only enrich the narrative tapestry of the franchise but also provide fans with the opportunity to see their favorite characters in new contexts.


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As The Walking Dead universe continues to expand, the possibility of a crossover event becomes increasingly plausible. Such an event would not only be a thrilling spectacle for fans but also a testament to the enduring appeal and adaptability of the franchise. With multiple series exploring different aspects of the post-apocalyptic world, the potential for a unifying event is vast, promising an exciting future for The Walking Dead universe.

Walking Dead
series are available for streaming on AMC+.

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