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Them Creator Little Marvin Hints at More Terrifying Tales for the Prime Video Horror Series

Them Creator Little Marvin Hints at More Terrifying Tales for the Prime Video Horror Series


  • Little Marvin hints at more eerie tales in store for
    , with a commitment to develop the project further.
  • Star Deborah Ayorinde transitions from “Lucky” in Season 1 to Detective Dawn Reeve in Season 2 with confidence.
  • Them
    ‘s shift to the early ’90s in Los Angeles reflects societal tremors post-Rodney King incident, unafraid to tackle racism.

Them creator Little Marvin recently shared hints about the future of his Prime Video horror anthology series. The show that masterfully combines supernatural elements with explorations of societal and racial tensions may just be gearing up for more eerie tales.

Speaking with ComicBook, Marvin expressed his commitment to continue developing the project, stating he is “a thousand percent” ready with ideas and hopes that Amazon is keen to support the series’ growth. This comes at a crucial juncture for Them, as Amazon has only committed to the first two seasons thus far, and the decision to extend its run hangs in the balance.



Release Date
April 9, 2021


Amazon Studios, Hillman Grad, Sony Pictures Television, Vertigo Entertainment

Them taps into a reservoir of storylines that could potentially sustain it for numerous future installments. The series is distinct for delivering standalone stories in each season akin to the format of American Horror Story. With its unique approach to horror—melding real-world fears with otherworldly dread—there seems to be no shortage of dark avenues for Little Marvin to explore.

The initial season of Them, subtitled “Covenant,” was set in 1950s Los Angeles and introduced viewers to the Emory family. As the first black family to move into Compton, they faced not only the poison of racial bigotry from their neighbors but also confronted terrifying supernatural forces within their own home. This potent mix of horror and social commentary resonated strongly with audiences, though it also courted controversy for its intense and frightful portrayal of racial conflicts.

Star Deborah Ayorinde, who played Livia “Lucky” Emory in the first season, returns in a new role for Season 2, titled “The Scare,” as Detective Dawn Reeve. Ayorinde’s transition from the haunted homemaker of the 1950s to a steely detective in the 1991-set Them: The Scare reflects a significant shift in both time and tone.

Deborah Ayorinde Discusses the Challenges in Little Marvin’s Them

During the interview with MovieWeb, Ayorinde reflects on the character shifts, describing the process as both challenging and exhilarating. She expressed a rare kind of artistic trust in Little Marvin’s vision that made this transition possible. Ayorinde said:

It was so exciting, because he’s actually a genius.
I don’t trust a lot of people the way I trust him with my art, but I trust him with my art, and it’s incredible. It was challenging to leave Lucky from the first season behind. It almost felt like a little bit of a betrayal at first , because I’m like, ‘How can I now be in this universe and not have her, not be her?’ But it was a challenge that I was up for, and it was beautiful to kind of let that be that, and that this be this.”



Luke James Discusses Going ‘Off His Rocker’ Acting in Them: The Scare

Luke James gives one of the best performances of his career in Them: The Scare and reveals the biggest challenge he faced while doing it.

Them has moved its setting from a mid-century Los Angeles neighborhood fraught with racial tension to a backdrop of the early ’90s in the same city. It echoed the societal tremors following the Rodney King incident. The series doesn’t shy away from the grim realities of racism intertwined with supernatural elements.

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