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The Simpsons and Star Wars Team Up for a Mother’s Day Adventure

The Simpsons and Star Wars Team Up for a Mother's Day Adventure


  • Get ready for a new Simpsons and
    Star Wars
    crossover on Disney+ this Mother’s Day!
  • The new short film will combine Springfield humor with intergalactic Star Wars fantasy.
  • The Simpsons
    continues to stay relevant with crossovers and unique takes on popular culture.

The Simpsons is preparing for a new crossover with the Star Wars universe. The new intergalactic escapade of the Springfield residents will premiere on Disney+ for Mother’s Day.

Per Disney, the upcoming short film will mix The Simpsons‘ brand of humor with Star Wars‘ space fantasy. Marge Simpson will find herself joining the esteemed ranks of Disney+ mothers for what starts as a holiday outing but quickly transforms into a galactic adventure.

The Simpsons May The 12th Be With You Poster

The Simpsons has developed a notable tradition of creating shorts for Disney+ since their merger, combining their iconic brand of satire with elements from various Disney-owned franchises. This isn’t the first time the animated family has ventured into the Star Wars universe. Their previous themed shorts include titles like “Maggie Simpson in ‘Rogue Not Quite One,'” which won a 2024 Webby Award, and the Emmy-nominated “Maggie Simpson in ‘The Force Awakens From Its Nap.’

The Simpsons poster showing the whole family

The Simpsons

Release Date
December 17, 1989



Alongside these, the series has produced several other crossovers, such as “The Simpsons Meet the Bocellis in ‘Feliz Navidad,'” and ventures into Marvel territory with “The Good, the Bart, and the Loki.” Each of these shorts show The Simpsons‘ ability to stay relevant while showcasing their unique take on popular culture through a distinctly Springfieldian lens.

Larry the Barfly’s Quiet Exit Shakes Up The Simpsons

The Simpsons recently aired an episode that saw the quiet departure of one of its long-standing, albeit background, characters. Larry the barfly, known for his silent yet constant presence at Moe’s Tavern, met an unceremonious end, dying right at his usual spot at the bar.

This episode has marked the end for Larry but also sparked a poignant storyline involving some of Springfield’s most familiar faces. Homer, Moe, Lenny, and Carl find themselves tasked with handling Larry’s final wishes—disposing of his ashes in a manner befitting his quiet life. The episode gracefully tackled themes of recognition and respect for those who are often overlooked, even in a town as small as Springfield.

The decision to conclude Larry’s long-running storyline was not without controversy. Tim Long, co-executive producer of the show, addressed the emotional reaction from the show’s audience. Long expressed his apologies to fans who were saddened by the episode, explaining that the creative team wanted to underscore a profound message with Larry’s death. He said:

“I’m sorry if some fans are upset, but we really wanted to use Larry’s death as a way to show that even the most peripheral people in our lives have dignity and worth, and that we really shouldn’t take anyone for granted,” Long explained of the decision to kill off the character. “To paraphrase Shakespeare, nothing became Larry’s life like the way he left it: drunk, lonely, and with a butt full of sapphires.”


Every Simpsons Character Who Was Killed Off for Good

“We’ll really miss you, Mrs. K.”

Long reflected on the impact of Larry’s demise on the show’s main characters, noting:

“What I think is bittersweet about this episode is that it took Larry’s death to make Homer and his friends appreciate him — and each other.”

The Simpsons’ May the 12th Be With You will stream on Disney+ on May 10.

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