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The Mummy 25th Anniversary Re-Release Wins Big at the Box Office

The Mummy 25th Anniversary Re-Release Wins Big at the Box Office


  • The Mummy
    reeled in over $1 million during its 25th anniversary re-release in 1,200 theaters across North America.
  • The action-adventure film originally released in 1999 stars Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, and Arnold Vosloo.
  • Brendan Fraser reflects on the fun factor that made the 1999
    successful while considering the prospects for
    The Mummy 4

The beloved 1999 action-adventure The Mummy has uncovered a tidy sum at the box office following its 25th anniversary re-release. The Mummy, which stars Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, and Arnold Vosloo as the titular Universal monster, was released in theaters once again over the weekend in celebration of its original release more than two decades ago.

The Mummy was re-released in more than 1,200 theaters across North America and has now grossed just over $1 million at the box office. When compared to other recent releases of classic movies, The Mummy didn’t quite reach the heights of Alien’s $1.5 million or Shrek 2’s $1.4 million, but nonetheless shows that audiences cannot get enough of Fraser and his 90s action-adventure throwback.

The Mummy (1999)

The Mummy (1999)

Release Date
May 7, 1999

2hr 4min

Universal Pictures, Alphaville Films

The sands will rise. The heavens will part. The power will be unleashed.

Released back in 1999, the first The Mummy stars Brendan Fraser as adventurer Rick O’Connell alongside Rachel Weisz as Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan. The seemingly mismatched pair must work together when a cursed high priest with supernatural powers, Imhotep, is accidentally awakened and proceeds to carry out his vendetta against mankind.

Upon release, The Mummy garnered $416.4 million at the worldwide box office, with its success spawning a sequel in 2001’s The Mummy Returns in 2001. This was then followed by a threequel, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in 2008, which starred Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh alongside Fraser.

The Mummy Franchise Was Rebooted by Tom Cruise in 2017

The Mummy franchise has since been rebooted by Tom Cruise and director Alex Kurtzman as part of the ill-fated Dark Universe. Sadly, the reboot never reached the heights of the 1999 effort, with Fraser himself having since pondered what went wrong with the project.

“It is hard to make that movie. The ingredient that we had going for our Mummy, which I didn’t see in that film, was fun. That was what was lacking in that incarnation. It was too much of a straight-ahead horror movie. The Mummy should be a thrill ride, but not terrifying and scary. I know how difficult it is to pull it off. I tried to do it three times.”


The Mummy at 25: How the Movie Almost Didn’t Get Made

From development hell to hellish shooting conditions to its lead star almost dying, 1999’s The Mummy came very close to never happening.

Brendan Fraser has since undergone a major career resurgence in recent years, with the actor winning the Academy Award for Best Actor for his lead performance in director Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale. The actor also featured as part of the stellar cast in Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, and will next star alongside Josh Brolin, Peter Dinklage, and Taylour Paige in Palm Springs director Max Barbakow’s upcoming comedy, Brothers.

But could Fraser ever be tempted to reprise the role of Rick O’Connell and once again do battle with a mummy? Well, asked about the prospect of The Mummy 4 back in February last year, Fraser certainly sounded open to the prospect.

“Sounds like fun. I’m always looking for a job. If anyone’s got the right conceit. I think I’ve never been as famous, and never been as unsalaried at the moment as I am right now. So spread the word.”

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