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The MCU Fights We’d Like To See

The MCU Fights We’d Like To See

Marvel movies thrive on interesting and opposing powers. Certain comic storylines have even shown villains winning simply by agreeing to swap foes. But the best parts about any of these movies are the fight scenes. When characters finally get to go toe-to-toe in a no-holds-barred scenario, something great is going to happen.



The problem is that most viewers will never get to see certain characters go up against each other. Captain America: Civil War was probably the last time we saw hero-on-hero fighting and it was in the lamest possible circumstances. Therefore, we’re going to take a look at some absurdly great ideas for fights between heroes, villains, and every power in between.

10 Jessica Jones vs. Abomination

Jessica Jones has featured in her own Netflix show. Abomination was featured in the first MCU Hulk film and subsequently in Shang-Chi and the She-Hulk series. Jones is Morose, a private eye with a dark past who doesn’t take shit from anyone. She possesses super strength and can fly.

On the other side, Abomination is the transformed Emil Blonsky. He was given some of Bruce Banner’s blood, which turned him into a hideous rage-monster. Blonsky has since reformed and is able to change into the Abomination at will.

Jessica Jones and Abomination Would Both Throw Punches

This fight would be an all-out slugfest. The issue would be whether Jones could outsmart Blonsky, a former military special operative. Blonsky has sheer strength on his side but Jones is far more calculating. While the Abomination would throw some pretty heavy punches, Jones would be throwing plenty of her own. Plus, Abomination does not have nearly as much power as the Hulk and is far less of a threat.

Winner: Jessica Jones

9 Vision vs. Monica Rambeau

Vision was created by a combination of factors that included Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Ultron. He was the keeper of the mind stone prior to the events of Infinity War, can project beams from his forehead, and can make himself intangible. He has a higher-than-average intellect and superhuman strength. He is also one of the few beings who can lift Thor’s hammer.

Monica Rambeau was a captain in the U.S. Air Force before joining S.W.O.R.D. Due to her involvement in the WandaVision Westview incident, she gained the ability to detect electromagnetic radiation, absorb energy, and use her abilities for things like flight and becoming intangible.

Who Will Control Their Energy the Best?

This fight comes down to who can utilize their powers at peak rates. We will also consider Vision in his pre-Endgame form. The fact that Vision is essentially a being of energy means that Monica may have a leg up in this situation. Where Vision’s mind-blasts are often his primary offense, Monica can easily allow herself to absorb and discharge whatever energies he puts out. That being said, Vision is in total control of his powers, while Monica seems to struggle with confidence and her growing abilities. This fight might be won simply by the other person making a mistake.

Winner: Vision

8 Thor vs. The Eternals

Let’s look at the facts because this one is a group of seemingly immortal beings who have been on Earth for roughly 7,000 years versus a god who is roughly 2,000 years old. The powers of the eight Eternals run the gamut from super-speed to mind-control. They know how to work as a team and have the strength of years on their side.

Thor is the god of thunder, the wielder of Mjölnir and Stormbreaker. He’s unbelievably strong, can teleport with the Bifrost, and has a level of arrogance that allows him to barrel head-on into fights. His biggest achievement may have been restarting a dying star. He is not to be trifled with.

Thor Has Power, But The Eternals Have Patience

Thor has taken on armies. He’s beaten back powerful gods. However, the Eternals are not to be trifled with. On their best day, they have not only offensive powers, but their number also includes a healer. This means that should Thor get the upper hand, they simply need a little time to regroup and refocus. The Eternals have been finding and destroying deviants for thousands of years, more than Thor has even been alive. For them, the ability to win comes down to patience and strategy. Thor is prone to becoming hot-headed and this could be his downfall. A properly executed plan could tip the scales.

Winner: The Eternals


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7 Ego vs. Arishem

It’s time for Celestial vs. Celestial. Arishem is one of the main Celestials that were there at the beginning of the universe. He is the enormously powerful creator of the Eternals and the one who has instigated the gestation and birth of celestials through inhabited planets for millions of years. He is cold, calculating, and without mercy.

Ego is a living planet. He has formed an entire ecosystem around himself and sent his seed out into the universe to create offspring on various inhabited planets. His goal seems to be domination, and he has murdered countless children who were unable to help him to that goal. He has the fire of pure anger and hate on his side and wants nothing more than to become the most powerful being out there.

Which Celestial Will End Up on Top?

This is not a battle of fists, although Ego may want it to be. The fact that both are planet-sized and millions of years old means they are past that type of fighting. Theirs is a fight between beings with the power of creation. Therefore, the downfall comes when one cannot get past one’s own pride and ambition. Where Arishem seems to have failed with the Eternals, that does not mean he cannot stand against the almost childlike outbursts of Ego. Ego’s personality is his downfall and will create problems as he attempts to beat the likes of Arishem, a cool, flat-affected creature with seemingly zero morals or needs.

Winner: Arishem

6 Spider-Man vs. Daredevil

Peter Parker has strength and agility, Stark-tech suits, and youth on his side. Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer with amazing agility, sonar-like senses, and the grit of experience. Both of them are street-level heroes (though Spider-Man has been to space) and are very much used to hand-to-hand combat. They often get up close with their foes and find ways to deflect before going on the offensive.

Spider-Man and Matt Murdock Are Both Clever and Skilled

So, here’s the thing: Matt Murdock is a bright guy. He’s been fighting with his hands and mind for a few decades more than Peter Parker. However, Peter has a wider set of skills and the pluck of youth on his side. The thing is, Peter looks up to guys like Matt and might end up doing things like pulling his punches or trying and work things out. However, if they’ve gotten to the point of a full-on battle, Daredevil is going to be out there using every trick he has. The second Spider-Man lets his guard down, he’ll be clobbered. That being said, Peter seems to have the advantage.

Winner: Spider-Man

5 Yelena Belova vs. Echo

Unlike the previous situation, this one might come down to how someone uses their powers. Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, is a deaf Choctaw woman with a prosthetic leg. She also has the power to mimic the physical actions of other people.

Yelena Belova went through the Red Room program and became a trained assassin. She is proficient with all manner of weapons and fighting styles and has an F-you attitude that can land her in trouble. She has actually fought alongside Echo in the Hawkeye series.

Yelena’s Fighting Style Gives Her an Advantage

Echo does not need to have a decent fighting style to win this one. She simply needs to be able to watch Yelena and do what she does. The better Yelena fights, the better Echo fights. However, due to the fact that they are both hotheads, there may be a level of frustration that takes over. If it does, Yelena might be able to find Echo’s weaknesses, possibly utilizing her disability to her advantage. Yelena is not above fighting dirty and would do anything to win.

Winner: Yelena

4 The Winter Soldier vs. The Punisher

Soldiers and warriors seem to eventually find their way into each other’s paths. This is why it is so plausible that Bucky Barnes, also known as The Winter Soldier, and Frank Castle also known as The Punisher, would find their way into each other’s lives. Bucky has been on a murderous spree, having been enhanced with a biomechanical arm and mind-wiped for decades. He’s young due to cryogenics and has had time to process his deeds while also honing his skills, first against Steve Rogers and then alongside him.

Frank Castle is a former Marine whose family was gunned down during a mafia hit gone wrong. His need for vengeance supersedes all other needs or wants in his life. However, he is not content with simply killing those who killed his family. Instead, he has taken on the Punisher persona to kill anyone he deems a criminal.

The Punisher May Have an Edge Over The Winter Soldier

Bucky has lost his edge. Let’s just put that out there. All of his triggers have been removed, so he cannot simply be pointed like an attack dog. This takes away his ferocity. Also, while he is enhanced, he is not invulnerable. Frank Castle is a monster when it comes to his personal direction. His anger and vengeance are legendary and his use of weapons is just as notorious. If put in a situation where he would have to take on The Winter Soldier, he would come overprepared, understand the territory, and know who he was up against. He would also opt out of direct combat, choosing to blow up or shoot Buck from a further distance.

Winner: The Punisher


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3 Ms. Marvel vs. She-Hulk

Two unproven heroes. Two women with the need to develop their powers. Kamala Khan and Jennifer Walters are both driven and are both primed for a fight. Consider that Kamala is a mutant with the ability to create solid-light constructs. This allows her to do things like create giant fists to attack or floating platforms to stand on.

Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk, received a transfusion from her cousin, Bruce. This means that she has a version of his powers where she can turn into a controlled version of her Hulk self. This gives her enhanced strength and durability while allowing her to keep her normal intellect.

A Sheer Battle of Will Between Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk

When these two meet, it will likely be under confusing circumstances. Neither is fully confident in their powers and so their fight may be awkward and messy. Jennifer will want to punch and Kamala will likely be on the defensive, using her powers more to evade than attack. However, if she is able to find her footing, her constructs could become quite formidable. On the flip side, Jennifer gets stronger as she becomes angrier. The fact that she is losing may end up creating a situation where her endorphins go nuts, and she is able to crash through Kamala’s willpower. But it would be close.

Winner by Possibility: Ms. Marvel

2 Shang-Chi vs. Shuri

Shang-Chi is a trained martial artist who possesses the ten power rings originally held by his warlord father. He spent much of his life training to be an assassin before abandoning his father’s cause, only to be brought back in, learn about his roots in Ta Lo, and beat his father by taking control of the ten rings.

Shuri is the princess of Wakanda and the new Black Panther, with all the powers that come with the title and a genius intellect that allows her to create technology and weapons. She is an angry woman who was marred by the death of her brother, not to mention the death of her mother by the mutant Namor.

Technology Will Give Shuri a Leg Up

These are two people who have been training for this fight their entire lives. Both are skilled warriors with remarkable weaponry on their side. However, Shuri has the high ground due to her ability to create technology that can stop certain energy signatures. Shang-Chi’s rings are simply another problem for her to solve. Once she’s done that, Shang-Chi is just another martial artist. The Black Panther would destroy him in seconds.

Winner: Shuri

1 Wong vs. Anyone

Wong is a fan favorite and one of the most powerful individuals on the planet. He is the Sorcerer Supreme and a master of magic and the mystic arts. Often found in Kamar-Taj, we have seen more of Wong as he has traversed the MCU, aiding the heroes and having his own times to shine. Wong has befriended Emil Blonsky, advised Peter Parker and Dr. Strange, and held his own against Wanda Maximoff.

In this case, the question is who could go up against Wong and beat him? The answer is that there are very few who could find a way through his immense knowledge and near-perfect implementation of his talents. Wong is not only skilled but has the thirst for knowledge that only a former librarian can have. We have not yet seen the full extent of Wong’s powers and if he is able to unleash them, he will truly be a being to be reckoned with.

Winner: Wong Every Time

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