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The Legend of Zelda Director Wes Ball Addresses the Big Question About Link

The Legend of Zelda Director Wes Ball Addresses the Big Question About Link


  • Director Wes Ball hints at possible dialogue choices for Link in upcoming
    The Legend of Zelda
    film, respecting character’s lack of spoken lines in games.
  • Ball’s personal connection to Zelda series drives his commitment to honoring the essence of the game while potentially adding new elements.
  • Nintendo’s openness to film adaptations reflects industry trends, with better understanding of video game materials and fan expectations.

Director Wes Ball recently shared some insights on the live-action film adaptation of The Legend of Zelda. Ball, known for his directorial prowess in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, brings a wealth of experience to this new venture.

Per ComicBook, Ball answered one of the more pressing questions about the adaptation: Will Link, the iconic protagonist of the series, finally speak? The director shrugged and said:

A or B or C. I’ll just have it like the game – you just have a little dialogue boxes pop up in the movie and you pick which one you want. Link does communicate to villagers all over through the game, you just don’t hear his voice.

The answer, while not definitive, leans towards maintaining the character’s traditional presentation. The idea of Link speaking has been a subject of controversy among fans. Traditionally, in the mainline games, Link has never had spoken lines, preserving a mystique that allows players to project their personality onto him. However, adaptations in other forms, such as the Zelda manga and the 1989 animated series, have experimented with giving him a voice.

These instances have been met with mixed reactions; the manga’s limited dialogue allowed Link to retain a sense of mysterious allure, whereas the animated series is often criticized for dialogues that seemed excessive and misaligned with the character’s established persona.

Director Wes Ball Channels Childhood Passion into The Legend of Zelda Film

Ball’s vision for the film seems to draw from his experiences and the expectations set by previous adaptations. He appears committed to fulfilling the high hopes of the fanbase while possibly integrating elements that respect the game’s interactive legacy. By potentially incorporating dialogue choices in a nod to the game’s mechanics, the film could offer a fresh narrative style that engages the audience in a participatory experience.

Director Ball shared his personal connection to the Zelda series during the same interview. He said:

I grew up on playing that game since I was a kid. You know, it’s super important to me. I mean, that, that was, that transported me to worlds, you know, that occupy my imagination forever. It’s part of my DNA, you know what I mean?
So I’m a giant fan and so I’m gonna, I’m gonna approach it that way and try to give people what they want but try to make something great, something worthy of the property, you know what I mean? That’s kind of all I can do.”

His reverence for the game and its impact on his own creativity suggests a deep commitment to honoring the essence of Zelda, while also bringing something new to the silver screen.


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Nintendo, once hesitant to lend its characters to film adaptations, has observed the shifting dynamics within the industry. Following the success of projects like Prime Video’s Fallout and the collaboration with Universal Pictures for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which garnered impressive viewership and critical acclaim, Nintendo is more open to adaptations.

Nintendo’s newfound openness comes at a time when the quality of such adaptations has seen significant improvements, showing a better understanding of the video game materials and the expectations of gaming enthusiasts.

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