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The First Omen Director Wants to Join The Exorcist Franchise

The First Omen Director Wants to Join The Exorcist Franchise


  • The First Omen’s
    director, Arkasha Stevenson, is a horror fan who would love to join
    The Exorcist
    series, and she’s seen the 1973 classic “a million times.”
  • The star of
    The First Omen,
    Nell Tiger Free, is a massive fan of
    The Omen
    and the horror genre in general.
  • The First Omen
    is a prequel that expands on the horror franchise.

The power of Christ wouldn’t have to compel filmmaker Arkasha Stevenson to join The Exorcist series, because she is already a huge fan of the horror franchise. While promoting her upcoming movie, The First Omen (you can see our video interview above), Stevenson was asked if there were other “horror-type franchises” she’d be interested in joining. Stevenson excitedly replied in an interview with

“Oh gosh, yeah. Well, I mean,
there’s so many films that I would love to be a part of
either bringing back to life or be a part of it. And this might be really trite, but I mean,
I loved The Exorcist growing up. I have watched it over a million times.
Not to be a total freak, but I have.
And there’s so much artistry in that film,
and there’s so much truth in that film that makes it really frightening. There’s too many films to actually talk about.”

The FIrst Omen poster

The First Omen

Release Date
April 5, 2024

Bill Nighy , Ralph Ineson , Nell Tiger Free , Sonia Braga , Tawfeek Barhom

Kiwii, Phantom Four Films

The Exorcist series was recently resurrected by filmmaker David Gordon Green in The Exorcist: Believer. Green’s sequel followed on the heels of his mixed success bringing Jamie Lee Curtis and the Halloween franchise back to the big screen in his horror trilogy (2018-2022). And while Stevenson would love to join The Exorcist family, and is a fan of the franchise, The First Omen’s star, Nell Tiger Free, is unquestionably partial to The Omen (1976).

Nell Tiger Free Is a ‘Big Time’ Omen Fan

The Omen (1976) is clearly one of the best horror films of all time, and director Arkasha Stevenson’s work is cut out for her as she attempts to live up to the seminal movie, which was led by Hollywood icon Gregory Peck. And, yes, Stevenson clearly wants to join The Exorcist franchise, but the film’s star, Nell Tiger Free, is a “big time” fan of The Omen. Free said in an interview with MovieFone:

“I love The Omen. I love horror. I love all things weird and wonderful,
and so getting to do this movie has been a real dream for me, honestly.
It’s like all my favorite things combined,
so I feel very lucky to be a part of this. When I read the original script, I remember almost looking at it initially from
a fan’s point of view,
not something that I was reading for potential work. It was more just like,
what are they going to do with the prequel to The Omen?”


The First Omen’s Connection to the Omen Film Trilogy, Explained

The First Omen focuses on the diabolical conspiracy to bring evil incarnate into the world.

Free continued:

“This was before I was signed on. I read the script and I remember reading it and going, ‘Okay, that’s great. That’s a really good idea.’
I just thought it was a great idea and a great expansion on the universe, The Omen-Verse.
It just felt like it worked. Then I was like,
really hope they let me do this movie.’
I was really excited by it. As an actress and as a fan, thumbs up, I would say.
That was my first initial reaction.”

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