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The Chosen Actors Have a Surprising Opinion About The Passion of the Christ

The Chosen Actors Have a Surprising Opinion About The Passion of the Christ


  • The Chosen
    , a religious epic TV series, follows Jesus & his disciples. Season 4 had a successful theatrical run but a streaming release date is unknown, though it will be coming to
    The Chosen
  • Actors Luke Dimyan and Giavani Cairo from
    The Chosen
    share their thoughts on Mel Gibson’s film,
    The Passion of the Christ
  • The actors also emphasize why the first season and the pilot are great for Easter (and so is
    … not really). You can watch
    The Chosen
    for free on various digital platforms.

Happy Easter from MovieWeb to anyone who celebrates! Before the start of Holy Week, we spoke with two main cast members of what’s undoubtedly the most culturally significant religious-themed television series at the moment, if not all time, The Chosen. The delightful Luke Dimyan portrays Judas Iscariot in the series, and the charming Giavani Cairo takes on the role of Thaddaeus (also known as Saint Jude, or Jude Thaddaeus). In most places, The Chosen has just finished a very successful theatrical run of its fourth season, screening three episodes at a time, but due to some legal issues, the streaming release date for the season is still unknown. Watch this space and see the bottom of the article for more information.

The Chosenfollows Jesus of Nazareth as he develops friendships and brings in his 12 disciples, including the much-maligned Judas and the little-known Thaddaeus. Dimyan and Cairo sat for a wide-ranging conversation you can read elsewhere, but with the Easter holiday upon us, it’s interesting to note their opinion of what’s yet another massively popular religious project, Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. While Gibson is still working on his sequel about the resurrection, and The Chosen is still a couple of seasons away from tackling it, we were curious what the stars of the show thought of the film.

“Personally, just my opinion, I wasn’t a huge fan of Passion, but that was just me,” admitted Dimyan. “I was kind of shown it as a kid around a group of a bunch of other Sunday School church kids. It was technically the first rated-R movie I’d ever seen. And I kind of came out of it like, other than the brutality and the hurt and the pain that I noticed, I didn’t really get much out of it.” He continued:

“It was really cool that the entire cast was speaking, I believe, Aramaic, the language used at the time, which was an amazing commitment to make thematically, but past that,
I felt like it missed a lot of the strong buildup of the story
, which is what I would have been more appreciative to have seen. I’m really a bit more of a fan of
Jesus of Nazareth
, which is a slog, but I’m a kid who was raised on the extended editions of
Lord of the Rings
, so four hours, six hours, is nothing to me.”

It makes sense, considering The Passion of the Christ is practically the antithesis of The Chosen. The former is fastidiously focused on the suffering (i.e. passion) of Jesus, while the latter spends dozens of hours exploring his life, family, friends, and humanity. For his part, Cairo hadn’t actually seen the film:

Do you know what? This might surprise you, but I have never seen Passion of the Christ.

“Don’t tell me what happens, please,” joked Cairo.

“Jesus dies,” said Dimyan.

“What are you doing?!” half-yelled Cairo.

“I’m the villain. I ruin things,” responded Dimyan, playing into his Judas Iscariot role.


Was The Chosen Season 4 a Box Office Success?

The faith-based television series, The Chosen, got a theatrical release through Fathom Events. Is it a box office hit?

The Chosen Season 4 Is the ‘Most Emotional Season Yet’

The Chosen season 4 poster

The Chosen

Release Date
September 20, 2017

Jonathan Roumie , Elizabeth Tabish , Shahar Isaac , Paras Patel , Noah James , George H. Xanthis , Nick Shakoour , Jordan Walker Ross


Story By
Dallas Jenkins

Dallas Jenkins , Ryan Swanson , Tyler Thompson

Dallas Jenkins

With Easter upon us, we had to ask the actors what season or episode they’d recommend to people for the holiday or anytime, or if they have a favorite Easter film. “I mean, if you haven’t seen the show yet, I would definitely start with episode one,” explained Cairo. “Honestly, I think it’s a beautiful start to the series. It’s kind of like a welcome, and it’s a little bit lighter than some of the past couple of seasons we have done.” He elaborated:

“The first season, I always kind of relate to it. It’s like you’re getting the band together. It’s getting a group of us together […]
I think it just gets better each and every season, especially if you haven’t seen Season Four yet
; I know they’re doing an extended release in theaters right now.
And it’s hands down our most emotional season yet
, it was probably the most emotional film as well, for a variety of reasons. But these are characters that you can really connect to and see yourself in, and I would definitely recommend it.”

Dimyan, who is very funny in that cottonmouth-dry way, added, “Oh yeah, I really recommend the movie Hop, starring Russell Brand as the Easter Bunny. Great Easter movie […] But I guess Giavani was right, season one is kind of my personal favorite too, it’s not a bad place to start. Really great writing, an incredible pilot episode that grabs you immediately and builds you up to the rest of the story. It’s a pretty good place to start.”

“Can you go see Hop with me this weekend?” asked Cairo.

“I would love to see Hop with you this weekend,” replied Dimyan.

“Matt, you’re invited.”

“Oh, thank you! I’ll bring my copy of The Passion of the Christ for you, Giavani.”

Created by Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen is available on basically every digital platform you can imagine. You can watch it for free on The Chosen website through the link below, and it’s also free on The CW, BYU TV, and Fandango at Home. You can stream it on Netflix, Prime Video, Peacock, fuboTV, Philo, and other platforms.

Watch The Chosen

Less than 5% of people who watch The Chosen spend anything on it, which is by design; the creators want as many people to see it as possible. However, with new legal issues preventing season four from being released, the model may not be sustainable. You can donate here to help create and translate the show.

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