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The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White Eyed to Play as Bruce Springsteen in the Upcoming Biopic

The Bear's Jeremy Allen White Eyed to Play as Bruce Springsteen in the Upcoming Biopic


  • Jeremy Allen White may portray the iconic Bruce Springsteen in a new biopic centered around his album
  • The film,
    Deliver Me from Nowhere
    , sheds light on Springsteen’s personal battles and rise to fame, capturing the authentic essence of his music.
  • Scott Cooper’s direction and Springsteen’s involvement promise an insightful portrayal of The Boss’s life and work.

The Bear star, Jeremy Allen White, is the top choice to play the role of Bruce Springsteen in the upcoming biopic, Deliver Me from Nowhere. The film is set to explore the creation of Springsteen’s seminal 1982 album “Nebraska,” a deeply personal and introspective work that stands as a highlight in his illustrious career, as per Deadline.

White’s potential involvement in the project adds a layer of excitement, as he is known for his compelling performances and ability to bring depth to his characters. The project is in the negotiation phase with A24, a production house celebrated for its compelling and high-quality films, to make its debut on the big screen.

The project marks the first major film venture for Scott Stuber since his departure from Netflix Film. Stuber, along with the Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson, is collaborating to bring this narrative feature to life. An adaptation of Warren Zanes’s book, published last year, serves as the basis for the film, providing an intimate glimpse into the hurdles and victories during the creation of the album.

The film explores a critical moment in Springsteen’s journey, delving into his rise to fame and the personal battles he faced. “Nebraska” was an album that Springsteen initially recorded as demos, using a simple four-track recorder in his New Jersey home. The unpolished and genuine recordings struck a chord with fans and critics, capturing a sense of vulnerability and authenticity. Springsteen’s personal experiences and the film “Badlands” by Terrence Malick influenced the album’s themes of despair, redemption, and the American experience.

Bruce Springsteen’s Journey to Fame and the Raw Essence of Nebraska

Scott Cooper, known for his work on the music-themed film “Crazy Heart,” which earned Oscars for its star Jeff Bridges and original song “The Weary Kind,” is set to write and direct Deliver Me from Nowhere. Cooper’s knack for music-focused storytelling positions him as the perfect director for a film that aims to delve into Springsteen’s songwriting intricacies and the emotional depth of “Nebraska.”

The involvement of Springsteen and his manager Jon Landau in the project suggests that the film will offer an authentic and insightful portrayal of The Boss’s life and work. Springsteen, who has previously contributed to film soundtracks and directed movies about his albums, is no stranger to the intersection of music and cinema.


Musicians That Deserve Their Own Biopic

Biopics about musicians are some of the most popular movies with critics and audiences, and these musicians deserve to get the film treatment.

As details about Deliver Me from Nowhere continue to emerge, anticipation is building for what promises to be a compelling exploration of one of music’s most iconic figures. With a talented team behind it, the film is poised to offer a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of Bruce Springsteen’s musical legacy.

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