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Sydney Sweeney Swaps Madame Web’s Spider-Woman For Power Girl in DC Fan Art

Sydney Sweeney Swaps Madame Web's Spider-Woman For Power Girl in DC Fan Art


  • Sydney Sweeney shines in post-
    Madame Web
    projects, proving she can deliver a strong performance as a leading actress.
  • Despite
    Madame Web
    ‘s failure, Sweeney remains optimistic about her future, opening doors in the industry with new roles.
  • Fans speculate on Sweeney’s potential as DC’s Power Girl, while she continues to excel in upcoming projects beyond the superhero genre.

Sydney Sweeney’s Marvel debut as Spider-Woman in Madam Web may not have been a resounding success, but that hasn’t stopped fans imagining what other comic book heroes she could potentially play on the DC side of superhero movies.

Madame Web

Madame Web


Release Date
February 14, 2024

1hr 57min

Columbia Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE)


The DC Universe is gearing up for its big re-launch under the command of James Gunn and Peter Safran in 2025, and although it has already found its Supergirl in Milly Alcock that hasn’t stopped fans sharing their idea of Sweeney becoming one of DC’s alternate Supergirls – Power Girl. Shared by Davi Alves on X/Twitter, the art depicts Sweeney on the cover of a Power Girl comic, in all her animated glory, to envision what the Earth-2 counterpart of Kara Zor-El could look like.

Currently, there are no plans to bring Power Girl into the new DCU – or not that Gunn has announced – but this new universe is only just getting started, and there is nothing to say that Earth-2’s heroes will not find their way into the interconnected universe in the future. With Creature Commandos set to kick off the new iteration of the franchise later this year, Superman debuting in 2025, and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow set to give Alcock her chance to shine, there are many opportunities for the franchise to soar and avoid the mixed offerings of the DCEU.

Sydney Sweeney is Erasing the Failure of Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney as Julia hanging upside down in Madame Web
Sony Pictures Releasing

Despite the mauling that Madame Web took from both critics and audiences, Sydney Sweeney had been quite candid in addressing the failure of the Sony-Marvel movie, and proven that she can deliver a worthy performance when leading a movie.

Appearing recently in the comedy Anyone But You, and horror movie Immaculate, Sweeney gained some of her best reviews and swiftly side-stepped the discourse about Sony’s latest Spider-Man Universe movie. When talking about her Madame Web role recently, the actress suggested that she took on the part to “open doors” with Sony, and if nothing else, she has certainly been opening doors in many ways.


Sydney Sweeney Says ‘I Can’t Control What People Write or Say About Me’

In an exclusive interview with MovieWeb, actress Sydney Sweeney emphasizes that she has absolutely no control over what people say.

As well as her expected return in the third season of Euphoria, Sweeney is quickly building up a slate of future roles that include the thriller Echo Park, in which she stars with Julianne Moore, and Ron Howard-directed Eden, which stars Ana de Armas and Vanessa Kirby, and follows a group of people who leave everything behind and move to the harsh landscape of the Galapagos.

Currently, fans of Sweeney can see her in horror mode in Immaculate, which hit cinemas to strong reviews and decent box office.

You can see Sweeney talking about the Immaculate with MovieWeb in our exclusive interview clip below.

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