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Star Wars Creator George Lucas Nudges Out Steven Spielberg as Forbes’ Richest Celebrity

Star Wars Creator George Lucas Nudges Out Steven Spielberg as Forbes' Richest Celebrity


  • George Lucas rises to the top of Forbes Rich List with $5.5 billion net worth.
  • Spielberg follows with $4.8 billion earnings, betting on movie success for wealth.
  • A total of $31 billion in wealth between top 14 celebrities, with Lucas and Spielberg leading.

George Lucas has once again risen to the top of Forbes early 2024 Rich List, beating friend and frequent supporter Steven Spielberg into second position. The Lucasfilm founder’s net worth is reported as $5.5 billion, a sum that is largely attributed to his 2012 sale of his production company to Disney.

Although the Star Wars franchise continues to be a huge earner, Lucas himself has not directed a movie since completing his Star Wars prequels with Revenge of the Sith in 2005, although he has acted as executive producer on projects such as The Clone Wars animated series, and the Indiana Jones movies, including 2023’s Dial of Destiny. However, it was the lucrative sale of Lucasfilm that set him apart from his peers in financial terms, as he continues to draw in revenue from the characters he created back in 1977 in a little space movie.

Despite the Star Wars franchise itself being a huge moneymaker, Lucas’ wealth has been helped along by the $4 billion paid to him by Disney for Lucasfilm. The director was originally declared a billionaire in 1997, which would have been enough to see him enter the Forbes list regardless, and he has frequently found himself at the top of the richest celebrity list in the past.

In second position, Steven Spielberg is another veteran of the film industry, but one who has made his wealth in a slightly different way to Lucas. Having very rarely stopped working behind the camera, Spielberg has, in his own words, “gambled” his way to his riches. While many directors take a paycheck for each movie, Spielberg has instead bet on his movies being hugely successful and has instead usually taken a percentage cut of the film’s box office takings. Thanks to some skillful negotiation several decades ago, he also takes a cut of Universal theme park ticket sales to boot.

Who Else is on Forbes’ Rich List?

Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story looking at another woman

Joining Lucas and Spielberg are several other celebrities from various sectors of the industry, including sports and music. The remaining slots in the top five are made up by Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, and Jay-Z, with Kim Kardasian just missing out on fifth spot by a mere $800,000.

Collectively, the top 14 billionaires from the list published by Forbes account for a total wealth of over $31 billion between them. You can see the complete list and their worth below.


Net Worth ($ Billion)

George Lucas


Steven Spielberg


Michael Jordan


Oprah Winfrey




Kim Kardashian


Peter Jackson


Tyler Perry




Tiger Woods


LeBron James


Magic Johnson


Dick Wolf


Taylor Swift


It seems unlikely that the Lucas and Spielberg are going to be challenged for the top two positions anytime soon, with the Star Wars franchise continuing to add to Lucas’ coffers, and Spielberg continuing to deliver hits on both the big and small screen.


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