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Star Trek’s William Shatner Is Willing to Go Where No One Has Gone Before Again: ‘It’s an Intriguing Idea’

Star Trek’s William Shatner Is Willing to Go Where No One Has Gone Before Again: ‘It’s an Intriguing Idea'


  • William Shatner “might consider” returning to
    Star Trek
    and reprising the role of James T. Kirk, calling it “an intriguing idea.”
  • The OG
    Star Trek
    actor even has his own theory on how to resurrect Captain Kirk after his controversial death in
    Star Trek Generations
    nearly 30 years ago.
  • Shatner’s new documentary,
    You Can Call Me Bill,
    offers insights into his diverse career and characters.

William Shatner isn’t going to let a little thing like James T. Kirk’s death stop him from reprising the iconic role. Captain Kirk was killed off almost 30 years ago when he and Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) teamed at the end of Star Trek Generations (1994). Despite not suiting up as the character in nearly three decades, Shatner thinks returning to Star Trek is “an intriguing idea.” While Shatner promoted his new documentary, You Can Call Me Bill, the original Kirk addressed the issue. Shatner told the Canadian Press (per Global News):

“It’s an intriguing idea
[…] It’s almost impossible, but
it was a great role and so well-written.
And if there were a reason to be there
not just to make a cameo appearance,
but if there were
a genuine reason for the character appearing, I might consider it.”

You Can Call Me Bill poster

You Can Call Me Bill

Release Date
March 22, 2024

Alexandre O. Philippe

1h 36m

Alexandre O. Philippe

Legion M , Falling Forward Films , FilmFrog

Vortex Media

Captain Kirk leaves the comfort of the euphoric Nexus to return to Veridian III with Captain Picard to stop the delusional Dr. Soran’s (Malcolm Macdowell) diabolical plans. While the captains are successful, Kirk falls to his death while decloaking Soran’s launcher and stopping the sun-destroying probe from being launched.

William Shatner’s Theory for Resurrecting James T. Kirk

James T. Kirk always ranks at the tip-top of the best Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) characters. But when it came to teaming up Kirk and Picard in Star Trek Generations, producer Rick Berman and screenwriters Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore made the decision to kill the Golden Goose of space exploration! And for the last three decades, William Shatner’s version of Kirk has been a no-show. However, the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise does have a way of resurrecting Kirk. Shatner said in the same interview:

“A company that wants to freeze my body and my brain for the future
might be a way of going about it.
‘We’ve got Captain Kirk’s brain frozen here.’
There’s a scenario. ‘Let’s see if we can bring back a little bit of this, a little salt, a little pepper.
Oh, look at that: Here comes Captain Kirk!’”


William Shatner Reveals His Biggest Star Trek Regret: ‘I Failed Horribly’

There’s one moment that William Shatner “regrets the most” from his storied, decades-long Star Trek career.

Kirk’s death in Generations was highly controversial, and the decision far transcends just how the fans feel. In fact, OG Mr. Chekov actor Walter Koenig despises the character being killed off the way Berman, Moore and Braga did. However, even at 93 years old, Shatner is still willing to come back and play in the Star Trek universe’s sandbox again.

William Shatner’s new documentary
, You Can Call Me Bill,
is now available to buy or rent on most digital and VOD platforms, including
Fandango at Home.

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