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Skeleton Crew’s Kerry Condon Teases Upcoming Series as ‘So Innocent and Playful and Lovely’

Skeleton Crew’s Kerry Condon Teases Upcoming Series as ‘So Innocent and Playful and Lovely’


  • Star Wars: Skeleton Crew
    is “so innocent and playful and lovely,” according to actress Kerry Condon.
  • Condon shares her experience working on the series, praising the talented kids and the adventurous nature of the upcoming Disney+ show.
  • The show’s lead, Jude Law, highlights the smart approach of focusing on the children’s perspectives in the beloved
    Star Wars
    universe’s Goonies-esque adventure across the galaxy.

Kerry Condon recently spent some time In the Land of Saints and Sinners with a well-known Star Wars alum, Liam Neeson. And the actress herself will be playing in that same space opera sandbox in a galaxy far, far away. Condon will soon appear in the upcoming Disney+ series, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, and she is teasing the tone of the Goonies-esque adventure as “so innocent and playful and lovely.” Condon said in an interview with Variety:

“It’s so great. I don’t even have kids, but I’d pay to see this.
I loved it. I loved being on it. There was something about it that was
so innocent and playful and lovely.
People say, ‘Don’t work with kids or animals,’ but I don’t know about that. And also,
when children are good actors, they’re kind of out-of-this-world good.”

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

Release Date


Star Wars

Christopher Ford, John Watts

Condon continued:

“So, watching some of the kids’ scenes, it was amazing.
Jude Law’s in it, and I’ve worked with him before.
it’s really adventurous,
and they got such great directors for each episode – the Daniels,
Bruce Dallas Howard,
Lee Isaac Cheung, David Lowery. It was a pretty amazing group. And of course,
Jon Watts, who created the whole thing.”

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Will Embark in 2024

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew’s Goonies-across-the-galaxy vibe will bring a new feel to that galaxy far, far away when the show drops later in 2024. And while Kerry Condon promises the series is “really adventurous,” star Jude Law thinks Skeleton Crew is also really smart in its approach to showing the Star Wars universe through the eyes of the children. Law, whose character — teased to be a Jedi — is “complicated,” said in an interview with Empire:

“They need guidance, but they’re vulnerable. And so throughout, the people they meet, you question all of them.
Is my character nice? Is he not?
You just want them to be alright and get back home. But if you know Jon [Watts] and Chris’ [Ford] work,
you’ll know that the kids aren’t always safe.
Seeing this galaxy, this world that we’ve all grown up loving, and the jeopardy, the divides,
the heroes, the villains, through the eyes of children, is brilliant,”


Star Wars’ Skeleton Crew Unveils Updated Synopsis For Jude Law Series

Skeleton Crew will be led by Jude Law and bring another story to the Star Wars universe.

At the time of this writing, a specific release date for Star Wars: Skeleton Crew hasn’t been revealed. However, a press release from Disney confirmed that both The Acolyte and Skeleton Crew would drop on Disney+ sometime in 2024.

While fans wait for Jude Law to lead the
Star Wars
Goonies, the two-episode premiere of
The Acolyte
drops June 4 on

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