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Severance Season 2’s 2025 Release Plan Reconfirms A Harsh Reality About Streaming

Severance Season 2’s 2025 Release Plan Reconfirms A Harsh Reality About Streaming


  • Severance
    season 2 highlights the changing landscape of TV production, with a nearly 3-year gap between seasons.
  • Streaming services like Apple TV+ are reshaping the industry, with longer waits for high-budget shows becoming the norm.
  • The 2023 SAG-AFTRA strikes only added to the delays for
    season 2; traditional TV models are shifting as streaming platforms redefine programming.

Severance season 2 finally has a release date, and it reveals an unfortunate truth about how Apple TV+ and other streaming platforms are creating content in the modern age. The cerebral sci-fi thriller has been around a shockingly long time considering only Severance season 1 has aired. Thankfully, the Severance cast is back, and the employees at the fictitious Lumon Industries will be back in action relatively soon.

Severance season 1’s ending left the story in a precarious place, with several twists that need to be addressed in the coming run of episodes. Now, cliffhanger endings are nothing new. The storytelling trick is one that’s been used for a very long time. However, Severance‘s circumstances have meant its last-minute twists and turns have remained as loose ends for longer than most TV shows would usually allow.


Gwendoline Christie’s Severance Season 2 Character Explained: Everything We Know About The Lumon Employee

Severance season 2’s teaser trailer reveals Gwendoline Christie as a new character whose story may tie into one of the show’s biggest mysteries.

Nearly 3 Years Will Have Passed Between Severance Seasons 1 & 2

Severance season 1 began in February 2022

The Severance season 2 teaser trailer confirms the show will continue in January 2025. Shockingly, this creates almost a three-year gap between the beginnings of Severance season 1 and Severance season 2. The high-budget sci-fi productions from Apple TV+ have been known to have a lengthy wait – like the two years between Foundation seasons 1 and 2, but the wait for Severance season 2 takes things to a new level of patience for existing fans of the show.

Severance became a hit almost immediately when it began in February 2022, with its fan base clamoring for more after season 1’s compelling finale. However, with the follow-up being in production for such a lengthy period, there is always the risk that those on the fence about the show will have lost interest and won’t return to see what happens. On the other hand, those who were kept waiting for almost three years may engage even more passionately with Severance season 2 as a result.

Why Severance Season 2 & Other Streaming Shows Take So Long To Release

Apple TV+ and other streaming platforms aren’t bound to traditional production models

Severance season 2 had more obstacles than most while being made. Not only was there behind-the-scenes drama as members of the creative team hashed out their issues, but Severance season 2 also had to halt production along with countless other movies and TV shows as a result of the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strikes. That being said, it probably wouldn’t have been a short wait even if there were none of these issues to navigate.


When Is Severance Set? Why Lumon Has Such Old Technology

Severance employs a visual style called retrofuturism, which lays the groundwork for the workplace comedy’s unique take on dystopian horror.

The truth of the situation is that shows on streaming platforms generally take longer to greenlight than network TV shows. A “season” of television in the US has long referred to the period between September and May – when the majority of scripted shows once aired. Therefore, swifter renewals meant more time to get a new season ready. With the emergence of streaming platforms, this traditional model is slowly being abandoned or is at least becoming less popular. Severance season 2 beginning in January is a perfect encapsulation of this evolution.

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