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Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi Writer Doesn’t Get Its Popularity, Prefers ‘The Contest’

Seinfeld's Soup Nazi Writer Doesn't Get Its Popularity, Prefers 'The Contest'


  • “I don’t get why people love ‘The Soup Nazi,'” said
    writer Spike Feresten, who hs just co-written
    with Jerry Seinfeld.”
  • Feresten spoke with us about his actual favorite episode of the show, “The Contest.”
  • Feresten looks back on when he was hired by Jerry and Larry, and how humble the pair were.

It might be one of the most memorable episodes of Seinfeld ever made, but the writer of “The Soup Nazi” doesn’t understand why people like it. Spike Feresten, who co-wrote the new film Unfrosted with Jerry Seinfeld (and wrote The Bee Movie with him in 2007), wrote several episodes of Seinfeld, including the famous Soup Nazi episode in season seven. To this day, he’s unsure of why it’s even popular, and named what he thinks is the funniest episode of Seinfeld ever.

Seinfeld poster


Release Date
July 5, 1989


We spoke with Feresten about Unfrosted, and touched on “The Soup Nazi” and his time as a writer on Seinfeld. He said that when it comes to the popularity of the episode, he “doesn’t understand why anyone would want to watch it.” Check out his comments below.

“I don’t know [why it’s popular]. When it comes to my own writing, I’m one of those writers who just doesn’t get it, why anyone would want to watch it. That’s just the way I was made.”

As for his favorite Seinfeld episode ever? Feresten named another crowd-pleaser from season four, “The Contest.” He calls it not just one of the best episodes of Seinfeld ever, but “one of the greatest episodes of television ever.”

“For me,
The Contest
is one of the greatest episodes of television in history When I watched that, I go, ‘Wow, there’s some real genius there.’”

Spike Feresten Thought Seinfeld Was One of the Funniest Things on TV

Spike Feresten joined the crew of Seinfeld in season seven, and aside from “The Soup Nazi,” co-wrote other notable episodes such as “The Little Kicks” in season eight, and “The Reverse Peephole” in season nine. Upon his arrival to the series’ writing staff, he discovered that Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David (whose own sitcom, Curb Your Enthusiasm, recently came to an end) were just two “humble and down-to-earth” people. He says that at the time, they really didn’t know “what they meant to the world.”

“I came in on season seven — I was just kind of wide-eyed going, ‘I can’t believe I’m here with these folks.’ And they were really humble and down to earth. And I remember Jerry and Larry [David] asked me at one point, ‘
Why do you even want to write on this show
?’ I said, ‘Don’t you guys get it? I think you’re the only funniest ‘funny thing’ on TV right now.’ And they go, ‘Really?’
They really didn’t know what they were to the world yet
. And I just found that charming.”


Jerry Seinfeld Reveals a Heckling Incident That Still Hurts Him Even After 30 Years

Jerry Seinfeld shared a particular heckling incident that still gets to him.

Seinfeld ran for nine years, from 1989 to 1998, and produced 180 episodes, many of which are regarded as classics today. Jerry Seinfeld recently had some controversial things to say regarding the state of comedy on television, which point back to the fact that on Seinfeld, “it was all about the laughs,” according to Feresten.

“Larry [David], just like Jerry… they were just laugh hunters. That’s all they cared about. It wasn’t who’s dating who or what kind of relationship. It was like, ‘Do you have a story? Do you have something funny that we haven’t heard before?’ And I loved that.”

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