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Ryan Gosling Jests The Fall Guy Is ‘Just a Giant Campaign to Get Stunts an Oscar’

Ryan Gosling Jests The Fall Guy Is 'Just a Giant Campaign to Get Stunts an Oscar'


  • The Fall Guy’s
    Ryan Gosling shines a light on the stunt performers who risk their lives for their craft in Hollywood: “This movie is just a giant campaign to get stunts an Oscar.”
  • Despite their enormous contributions to the film industry, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences doesn’t have an Oscar category dedicated to honoring stunts.
  • The Fall Guy’s
    Emily Blunt praises the stunt industry’s unsung heroes at the movie’s LA premiere, calling for more recognition.

Ryan Gosling may have been saying it all as a jest, but it seems peculiar that stunt performers don’t receive more recognition for their tireless efforts in Tinseltown. Gosling’s comments about director David Leitch’s upcoming The Fall Guy being “a giant campaign to get stunts an Oscar” actually shines a light on the “hardest-working” people in a profession that goes completely unrecognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences each year at the Oscars ceremony. And Gosling is looking to change more than simply the narrative. The Fall Guy star said (per The Hollywood Reporter):

Obviously, this [The Fall Guy] is a love letter to the stunt community. They are the hardest-working people in show business. They risk more than anyone. This movie is just a giant campaign to get stunts an Oscar.

The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy


The Fall Guy is an action thriller from Bullet Train and Deadpool 2 director David Leitch. Ryan Gosling stars as a stuntman who is forced to find a missing movie star, investigate a conspiracy, and repair his relationship with the love of his life. The film was written by Drew Pearce and inspired by the 1980s TV series of the same name.

Release Date
May 3, 2024

1hr 54min

87North, Arcana, Entertainment 360

Leitch’s romantic action comedy is loosely based on the television series starring Lee Majors, which ran for five seasons (1981-1986) and was created by the late Glen A. Larson. The show presented Majors’ character Colt Seavers as a Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter. In the film, Colt (Gosling) is a stunt performer down on his luck who has to try and find the star of Jody Moreno’s (Emily Blunt) movie, who has gone missing. Gosling continued to express his appreciation for stunt performers by saying:

“I don’t know what to say.
How do you say thank you to someone that got set on fire eight times for you,
jumped from a helicopter, rolled a car eight times for you? This is just such an example of what they do for us,
what they contribute to cinema, what they risk for all of us.
It’s really been
an honor to be a part of something that tells your story in some small way.”

The Fall Guy’s Emily Blunt Offers Her Thoughts on the Stunt Profession

Only time will tell if The Fall Guy will rank among David Leitch’s best action films, but it was all smiles at the Los Angeles premiere of The Fall Guy on Tuesday. As star Emily Blunt spoke to the press outside the Dolby Theatre, three stuntmen fought amongst themselves and then broke through a pane of glass and onto the red carpet! Blunt smiled in reaction to the exhilarating spectacle, and then the actress revealed her own thoughts on the stunt profession in Hollywood. Blunt said while speaking with THR at the LA premiere:

“I think we’re all really baffled by it because
they are the unsung heroes of our industry.
I don’t know why they live in the shadows;
maybe their incredible humility and the fact that they want to maintain the mystique for audiences,
to give audiences that sort of sense of wonder that it’s the actor doing it.

But I just feel that we’re past that point.
There is
no mystique to making movies now.
We see the behind-the-scenes of prosthetics and all of that.
So, why don’t we see the behind-the-scenes of how a stunt is designed by these incredible performers?”


Ryan Gosling’s The Fall Guy Breaks Spectacular Guinness World Record

Ryan Gosling’s The Fall Guy movie breaks a Guinness world record that was previously held by one of Daniel Craig’s James Bond films.

The Fall Guy opens in theaters on May 3. And be sure to check out MovieWeb’s review of The Fall Guy, which declares the love letter to the stunt profession “a spectacular start to the summer movie season.” The romantic action comedy also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Winston Duke and Teresa Palmer.

Check out the aforementioned stunt performers wowing those in attendance at
The Fall Guy’s
LA premiere and Blunt’s reaction to the theatrics below:

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