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Road House Star Conor McGregor’s “Acting Is Harder Than MMA” Claim Gets Harsh Assessment From Joe Rogan

Road House Star Conor McGregor’s “Acting Is Harder Than MMA” Claim Gets Harsh Assessment From Joe Rogan


  • Acting is harder than fighting due to time consumption, memorizing lines, and engaging with other actors during a performance, according to Conor McGregor.
  • UFC commentator Joe Rogan disagrees with McGregor’s opinion on acting being tougher than fighting.
  • McGregor’s skills as a fighter and natural personality made him perfect for the scene-stealing villain role in the
    Road House

Conor McGregor, who just made his acting debut in the Road House remake opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, asserted that acting in a Hollywood film was tougher than mixed martial arts, and it’s an opinion that UFC commentator Joe Rogan flat out disagrees with.

Road House

Road House (2024)


Release Date
March 21, 2024

Doug Liman

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Silver Pictures

During interviews promoting the film, McGregor pointed out how demanding acting was compared to fighting due to the time commitment, memorizing lines, and interactions with other actors during a performance. McGregor, who plays the villainous Knox in the Prime Video remake, essentially made it clear that it was much more difficult than he realized.

“Acting [is harder]. Time, time, time consumption, and it’s not just action and fighting and stunts, it’s also remembering the line, and you have to time things correctly, you’re engaging with another person. It’s just a difficult game, a lot more difficult than I gave it credit for.”

However, during a discussion on his podcast, Rogan was quick to disagree with McGregor’s stance, referencing McGregor’s leg break at UFC 264.

“That’s crazy talk I think he [Conor McGregor] probably just meant that he’s bad at it. He broke his f**king leg in a fight…broke his leg…like that’s harder, yes that’s way harder than talk.”

Conor McGregor makes his film debut in Road House

Conor McGregor in Road House yelling and smashing a fence with a pole.
Prime Video

McGregor became the first UFC fighter to hold UFC championships in two weight classes simultaneously and most of his victories in mixed martial arts have come by way of knockout or technical knockout from punches. His personality outside the arena was that of a trash talker, which made him even more popular in his field. It also likely made him perfectly suited for his role in the Road House remake as Knox, since he already has skill as a fighter and his personality made him a natural for the scene-stealing villain role.

While Rogan may not be able to speak about acting in an action film, the podcaster, known for his popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, actually began his career in comedy before relocating in the late 90s to Los Angeles. He landed on several television shows, most notably NewsRadio, where he played Joe Garrelli, a street-smart electrician and handyman. The series, which ran for five seasons and 97 episodes, was led by Dave Foley, but is probably best known for the late Phil Hartman’s character, Evelyn William “Bill” McNeal. Before NewsRadio ended its run in 1999, Rogan started working for the UFC as an interviewer and commentator.


Conor McGregor Reveals Why He Chose Road House for His Movie Debut: ‘I’m Not an Actor, but I’m Show Business’

The MMA fighter will make his acting debut in the reimagining for Prime Video, but Hollywood was courting him long before Doug Liman came along.

Despite mixed critical reviews, Road House has proven to be a big hit for Prime Video, registering a record-breaking 50 million+ viewers on the platform over its first two weekends. To put it in perspective, Prime Video has stated the film has had the most eyes on it in that time over any other original movie they have ever produced on their service.

Road House
is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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