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Quantum Leap Canceled After Two Seasons; Stars & Fans Share Their Sadness

Quantum Leap Canceled After Two Seasons; Stars & Fans Share Their Sadness


  • Raymond Lee shared a heartfelt farewell to Quantum Leap.
  • NBC pulls the plug on
    Quantum Leap
    after just two seasons, leaving behind disappointed fans and stars.
  • With the abrupt cancelation of
    Quantum Leap
    , the hopes for a teased Season 3 are dashed.

Quantum Leap has been canceled at NBC after just two seasons. The revival of the sci-fi show starred Raymond Lee, Caitlin Bassett, and Ernie Hudson, but it looks like the adventures of physicist Dr. Ben Song have now run out of time. The cancelation comes just over a month after the finale of the second season, and drew a reaction from both Lee and Bassett, who shared their thanks to fans who supported the series.

Quantum Leap 2022 poster

Quantum Leap (2022)

Release Date
September 19, 2022

Raymond Lee , Mason Alexander Park , Caitlin Bassett , Eliza Taylor , Peter Gadiot , Ernie Hudson

Main Genre


Quantum Leap originally debuted in 1989, with Scott Bakula playing Dr. Sam Beckett as a scientist trapped in a time-traveling loop that constantly throws him into the lives of other people with problems to be solved before he can “move on” in his attempts to find his way home. The reboot of the franchise takes place 30 years later, with Lee’s Song attempting to restart the Quantum Leap project and ending up facing the same fate as his predecessor.

Following NBC’s announcement that Dr. Song has made his final leap, Lee took to his Instagram account to share a message with his followers as a farewell to the series. He wrote:

“Just wanted to say a thank you to our QL fans and those who’ve tuned in. Your Support was felt and always warmly received. You all have made it the ride of a lifetime. We’re so proud of the stories we got to tell. And selfishly for me I got to make some really awesome friends along the way. If and when another group gets a hold of the accelerator and its capabilities, may they find us floating in time, still striving to put right what once went wrong.”

His sentiments were echoed by Bassett, who shared her own Instagram post lamenting the ending of the series. She said:

So sorry to say… farewell leapers. Thank you so much for every moment of this amazing journey. And thank you [NBC] and [Universal TV] for the ride of a lifetime. As the wonderful QL super-fan Matt Dale said – “be excellent to each other.”

Quantum Leap Season 3 Was Teased Just Two Months Ago

Raymond Lee as Ben Song in Quantum Leap leaping

The Season 2 finale of Quantum Leap left fans with a strong impression that a third season would be following soon, with several explosive moments in the two-hour episode setting up potential changes coming in Season 3. In February, following that episode, showrunner Dean Georgaris shared his tease about what could happen next in the series. He told TVLine:

“I don’t think we’re going to turn into a show that’s going to investigate all the little ways that the butterfly effect may have rippled through. One of our standing beliefs is it can affect the lives of the people around you dramatically and then it ripples out. We’ve spent two seasons building up two great leapers and a supporting cast that now may or may not have a code that may or may not work again to pull people out, and it really becomes about what can we affirmatively do with this new dynamic. The fact that we can have a little more humor now because we don’t have this heaviness hanging over us. We spent two seasons building up a launchpad to a whole new journey.”



Exclusive: Quantum Leap Stars Unpack the Chemistry and Mystery Between Ben and Hannah

Raymond Lee and Eliza Taylor chat up Hannah’s significance, fan theories, and the other surprises.

Now it seems that this journey is not to be, with the series being brought to a premature close like so many others of its genre. Whether there will be a chance of the show being saved by a streaming platform is not yet known, but this is something that has happened a number of times with shows such as Manifest and Lucifer both heading to Netflix to complete their stories. One more leap currently seems unlikely, but if fans demand it enough, then there is always a chance that Ben Song could find himself leaping for joy on a different platform.

For now, though, fans on social media shared the sadness of the show’s stars, with many posts reacting to the disappointing news.

Both seasons of
Quantum Leap
is currently available to stream on Peacock.

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