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Physical 100 Season 2 Contestant Guide

Physical 100 Season 2 Contestant Guide

In the modern era, fitness has reached new heights. From appearance alone, many people base their assumptions about strength on how ripped someone looks, with bulky muscles and hulky forearms. But how do you really define which kind of human has the strongest body? Beyond genders and ethnicities, Physical: 100, a South Korean reality television series, has solved the question in the most entertaining way possible.

Physical: 100, which premiered in 2023, offered a refreshing perspective on reality TV and fitness by taking things to extremes. The series pits a whopping 100 individuals against each other in a variety of physical quests. Of course, only one winner can prosper in all aspects of human survival. After a marvelous first season, the series has returned for another one. Naturally, viewers are eager to learn more about the contestants. With that in mind, here’s a list of every contestant featured in Physical: 100 Season 2.

Hong Beom-seok

Profession: Ex-firefighter

Hong Beom-seok on Instagram

Hong Beom-seok, 37, is a familiar face to viewers of Physical: 100, having appeared in the debut season. Aside from being a former firefighter who secured first place in the 2018 World Firefighters Championships, he also served in the South Korean military as a special forces soldier for ten years. He’s well-known for his roles in shows such as Master in the House, The Soldiers, and Mission CodeRed.

Sim Yu-ri

Profession: MMA Fighter

Sim Yu-ri, 29, is a professional MMA fighter who has held the Atomweight title in the Road Fighting Championship (AKA Road FC) since 2021. Besides her pretty features, Yu-ri is well-known as a fitness enthusiast who enjoys posting on social media. In the second season of Physical: 100, she picked Hunter Lee, a strong male contender, as her opponent in tribute to strong women all across the world.

Jung Dae-jin

Profession: Sports Model

Jung Dae-jin in Physical: 100

Jung Dae-jin, a sports model and bodybuilder with one of the most visually appealing physical looks, is well-known in the fitness community as “Superbody Jin.” Unsurprisingly, he has demonstrated his strength in multiple situations, including three wins at the Pro level in NABBA Korea, the country’s greatest fitness competition. He also runs a fitness YouTube channel with over 150,000 subscribers and shares his thoughts with fellow enthusiasts.

Power Who Yami

Profession: Cosplayer

Power Who Yami is one of the most intriguing competitors in Physical: 100. As a cosplayer, he entered the competition with the aim of proving that his hard-earned body is more than simply looks. He also loves anime, as seen by his appearance as One Piece‘s Roronoa Zoro when he entered Physical: 100. He doesn’t have a major social media presence, but he does post occasionally on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Kang Cheong-myeong

Profession: Coast Guard Officer

Kang Cheong-myeong in Physical 100

While nothing is known about Kang Cheong-myeong other than that he is a very fit officer in the Coast Guard department, he displayed incredible determination in Physical: 100 season two. He excelled at every task he undertook, demonstrating that, regardless of rank in the army, each individual possessed enormous willpower.

Lim Soo-jin

Profession: Bodybuilder

Physical: 100 season one taught us that women bodybuilders are capable of outperforming anyone their size, regardless of gender. Season two presents a similar situation, with Lim Soo-jin standing out among the competitors. As an IFBB Figure Professional, Lim Soo-jin is a committed bodybuilder who regularly shares her progress on Instagram. She is a strong contender, representing many capable women throughout the world.



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Ko Jong-hun

Profession: Army Officer

Ko Jong-hun on Instagram Profile

In competitions like Physical: 100, where agility and strength are far more significant than visual appeal, military personnel are seen frequently. Ko Jong-hun is one such contestant who entered the competition from an army background. He is a Special Operations Unit Member with an IBJJF Black belt who exhibited exceptional endurance in the initial quests, making him one of the strongest contestants in the series.

Kang Eun-hee

Profession: Bodybuilder

Kang Eun-hee is another woman bodybuilder who entered Physical 100: Underground with the ambition of empowering women all over the world. She’s among the more popular contenders in the second season, with around 150,000 followers on Instagram.

Park Woo-jin

Profession: Coast Guard Officer

Park Woo-jin in Physical: 100

Joining the cast of Physical: 100 is another military personnel, Kang Woo-jin, a committed Coast Guard officer who serves in the Rescue Team. He is currently assigned to the 62nd Ship Salvage Unit, according to his Instagram account.

Kim Nam-wook

Profession: Bodybuilder

Kim Nam-wook is the textbook definition of brains and brawn since he not only became a bodybuilder by pushing his body to the limits, but he also has a master’s degree in physiology. According to his Instagram page, this 27-year-old bodybuilder hopes to become a national athlete one day.

Kim Min-su

Profession: Bodybuilder

Kim Min-su on his Instagram

Kim Min-su is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder known among his fans as Thanos. On his Instagram account, he can be seen training alongside Jin Hyeong-jo, a season one contender who made it all the way to the final stages. He also has a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers, where he shares his fitness journey and tips for those who aspire to become like him.

Park Seung-hee

Profession: Speed Skater

Park Seung-hee, regarded as one of the best skaters in South Korea, is a former short and long-track speed skater who won many Olympic medals for her nation. She secured two gold and three bronze medals at the 2010 and 2014 Olympics, respectively. However, she retired from the sport after her participation in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and now plays soccer as a hobby.

Jung Ji-hyun

Profession: Wrestler

Jung Ji-hyun on Instagram

Jung Ji-hyun stood out among the few national athletes who competed in the second season of Physical: 100. He is a national wrestler who earned a gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics, and he has a Master’s degree in Physical Education, which has enabled him to become a coach in South Korea, training like-minded sports enthusiasts.

Jung You-in

Profession: Swimmer

Jung You-in is a national swimmer who joined Physical: 100 to find new challenges. She started swimming at the age of five and has won many accolades at the national level in South Korea. Her most notable accomplishment, however, was finishing second at the Olympic Trials in the 100m freestyle competition.

Shin Soo-ji

Profession: Rhythmic Bowler

Shin Soo in Physical: 100

Shin Soo-ji is one of South Korea’s most well-known athletes, having set the record for becoming the country’s first to qualify for the World Championships. She is a rhythmic bowler who competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and later earned a bronze medal at the 2009 Asian Championships. She has retired from competitions and now works as a commentator.

Hunter Lee

Profession: FBI Diplomat

Hunter Lee is a unique casting choice in the second season because the show has never featured an FBI agent. While he is only an FBI diplomat who has worked for the United States Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, for 12 years, he has shown remarkable endurance in the pre-quest. In addition, he displayed great character when competing with Sim Yu-ri in the first quest, winning the hearts of the audience.

Lee Won-hee

Profession: Judo Player

Lee Won-hee on Instagram

Lee Won-hee is a judo player who won multiple medals in the Olympics and Asian Games in the 2000s. He won a gold medal for his country in the men’s lightweight division at the 2004 Greece Olympics, followed by another at the 2006 Asian Games. In recognition of his contributions, he was promoted to head coach of the Women’s National Team in 2015. In his leisure time, he teaches judo to beginners with the aim of nurturing a new generation of judo players in South Korea.

Mo Tae-bum

Profession: Speed Skater

While Park Seung-hee excelled at both short and long-track speed skating, Mo Tae-bum focused solely on long-track speed skating during his training years. Tae-bum has won several medals for his country since 2009, including gold and silver medals in the 1000m and 1500m events at the 2010 Olympics. He rose to fame in the sports community after consecutively winning the World Championships in 2012 and 2013.

Andre Jin

Profession: Rugby Player

Andre Jin in Physical: 100

Physical: 100 is not foreign to global athletes as we saw many competitors in the first season. Andre Jin was born to a Korean mother and an American father in Korea. As an accomplished rugby player, he represented his country at the 2022 Summer Olympics and continues to compete in other events.

Kim Dong-hyun

Profession: Bobsledder

Kim Dong-hyun on Physical: 100

Kim Dong-hyun is one of the most well-known athletes in South Korea, having led a team to the finals of a bobsleigh event for the first time in Korean history. He competed in the 2010 and 2018 Winter Olympics, winning a silver medal against the German team. Kim Dong-hyun is the only contender from this profession to have entered Physical: 100.

Kang Min-su

Profession: Sports Climber

Kang Min-su is a national sports climber who, according to her Instagram page, is also skilled at cooking, vlogging, painting, and cycling. She is one of the youngest participants in Physical: 100, at just 23 years old.

Park Da-sol

Profession: Judo Player

Park Da-sol is another national Judo athlete to enter Physical: 100. As with any star athlete, she secured multiple medals for her country, including at the 2018 Asian Games, the 2019 Summer Universiade event, and the 2021 Asian-Pacific Judo Championship. She’s also quite active on her Instagram page, where she regularly posts pictures of her two dogs as well as her athletic endeavors.

Lee Jang-kun

Profession: Kabaddi Player

While almost every athlete who appeared in Physical: 100 earned fame in South Korea, Lee Jang-kun became popular in India, a country noted for featuring the world’s no. 1 Kabaddi squad. For his outstanding performance in Kabaddi, he earned medals for the country at the 2013 Asian Indoor and 2014 Asian Games.

Joo Min-kyung

Profession: Arm Wrestler

Joo Min-kyung on Instagram

While Netflix depicted Joo Min-kyung as a wrestler after his appearance in the first episode, in reality, he is actually an arm wrestler who competes against various individuals in South Korea. He recently graduated with a degree in Information and Communication Technology but picked arm wrestling as his career choice. While not much else is known about him, one of his Instagram posts states that he is currently working at a gym.

Chang Yong-heung

Profession: Rugby Player

Chang Yong-heung is a rugby player who represents South Korea and has gained national prominence. While he has yet to win any international medals for his country, he did participate in the 2020 Summer Olympics and the 2022 Rugby World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lee Hyun-jeong

Profession: Physical Education Teacher

Lee Hyun-jeong on Physical: 100

Lee Hyun-jeong is one of South Korea’s lesser-known sportsmen, originating from a humble background. As a physical education teacher, he hasn’t gained much attention, but considering his experience as a professional basketball player, Lee Hyun-jeong is one of the strongest competitors in Physical: 100 season two.

Lee Hyun-jin

Profession: Actor

Lee Hyun-jin is neither a sports athlete nor a bodybuilder; instead, he is an actor who plays lead and supporting roles in romance and family dramas. Nonetheless, he participated in Physical: 100 to demonstrate how he enjoys staying in shape and pushing his body to the limits. He is well-known for his performances in Gold Mask, SKY Castle, and Inspector Koo.


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Heo Kyung-hee

Profession: Rugby Player

Heo Kyung-hee in Physical: 100

Usually, sportspeople tend to become models after securing a spot in the national team. Heo Kyung-hee, on the other hand, was a model before joining the women’s rugby team. She was a field athlete before modeling and appeared in the third season of Korea’s Next Top Model, but she eventually switched to rugby.

Hwang Choong-won

Profession: Heavy Equipment Operator

Hwang Choong-won is what you call a natural, having worked as a heavy equipment operator and served in the military as a soldier. Despite his day-to-day job, he makes time to work out at the gym to keep himself fit and strong, which is why he was accepted into Physical: 100. He has previously been on TV programs such as My Working Vlog and At Work Today.

Ko Hyo-joo

Profession: Influencer

Ko Hyo-joo in Physical: 100

Ko Hyo-joo is a longboarder and influencer who rose to fame through her music videos, which incorporate dance and skateboarding. Although she does it as a hobby and does not compete, she is fit and entered Physical: 100 to further exhibit her athleticism. She also has a YouTube channel and more than 500,000 Instagram followers.


Profession: CEO/Entrepreneur

Juyang, unlike many other contestants, is a CEO who runs an apparel company and models for fitness brands. She has around 150,000 Instagram followers and is ranked in the top three by NABBA, a bodybuilding association. She is also a two-time ICNPRO winner, which she proudly displays on her Instagram profile.

Kim Hee-hyun

Profession: Ballerino

Kim Hee-hyun on Instagram

Kim Hee-hyun had one of the most distinctive entrances in Physical: 100, with his captivating ballet dance movements. As a ballerino, Hee-hyun takes extreme care of his body, improving not just speed and balance but also strength, as seen by his grit in the show. He married the famous singer Lim Jeong-hee in October 2023.

Chong Te-se

Chong Te-se, also known as Jong Tae-se, is a South Korean football forward who rose to prominence in the J-League after signing for Kawasaki Frontale in 2006. While his club career has been quite impressive, with over 400 appearances, his international career for Korea is equally noteworthy, as he scored 15 goals in little over 30 games. The contestant retired from professional football in 2022 and is pursuing commentary in the J-League.

Kang So-yeon

Profession: CEO/Entrepreneur

Kang So Yeon in Instagram

Kang So-yeon is the epitome of a complete package; she is fit, beautiful, and successful, but most importantly, she has an incredible screen presence, having appeared in the first season of the Netflix dating seriesSingles Inferno. She is the CEO of HitFit Boxing, who pursues fitness in her spare time and has 1.6 million Instagram followers.

Kim Ji-eun

Profession: Track and Field Star

Kim Ji-eun, a track and field star, is one of the most agile candidates in Physical: 100. While little is known about her career, she has won two national champions and one Asian Champions medal. She is currently serving as the brand ambassador for New Balance.

Hwang Chan-seob

Profession: Ssireum Athlete

Hwang Chan-seob in Physical: 100

Ssireum is a rare sport seen at the international level, although it is extremely popular in South Korea. Hwang Chan-seob, representing a lesser-known sport, has proven to be a fierce competitor. He was also the winner of the 2019 Jeungpyeong Ginseng Be National Contest.

Kim Dam-bi

Profession: Powerlifter

Kim Dam-bi is a 24-year-old powerlifter who can lift more than 150 kilograms (about 300 pounds), as shown in Physical: 100. She also has a YouTube channel with 46,000 subscribers, offering advice for aspiring bodybuilders and weightlifters.

Ryu Si-hyun

Profession: Street Lifting/Calisthenics

Ryu Si-hyun in Physical: 100

Ryu Si-hyun is a street-lifting athlete who competes in calisthenics events in Korea. He has also won the Muscle Ups trophy twice and is currently the ambassador of My Protein Korea.

Lee Kyu-ho

Profession: Actor

Lee Kyu-ho, who has had supporting roles in Money Heist: Korea, The Uncanny Counter, and Island, is another well-known participant to appear in Physical: 100. He’s more of an explosive athlete who entered the competition to meet like-minded challengers.

Amber Yang

Profession: CrossFitter

Amber Yang on Instagram

Crossfitters are widely prevalent in Physical: 100, but crossfitters who are women are more scarce. In this regard, Amber Yang has entered the competition to prove why she is a level two coach and how she made it to the national semi-finals in 2022.

Kim Min-ho

Profession: Wrestler

Kim Min-ho is a professional wrestler who was inspired by Hulk Hogan and joined WWA. He is currently the heavyweight champion of WWA Korea and intends to push his body even further through Physical: 100. Even though wrestling is not as well-known in South Korea, athletes like Kim Min-ho contribute to improving its visibility.

Choi Soo-in

Profession: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Choi Soo-in in Physical: 100

Choi Soo-in, who learned Brazilian jiu-jitsu on a whim, is a highly talented athlete who finished third at the IBJJF World Championship in 2021. Furthermore, she recently won a national competition held in South Korea and will represent the country in the next world championships.

Noh Sung-yul

Profession: Martial Artist/YouTuber

Noh Sung-yul is a martial arts enthusiast and YouTuber who combines acrobatics and martial arts to push himself physically. His YouTube channel, Team1Illusion, has over 6 million subscribers, and he also runs an academy in Gangnam, South Korea.

Hong Hyeon-jun

Profession: Golf Player

Hong Hyeon-jun in Physical 100

Golf is a sport that many people disregard, typically due to its non-athletic display. However, Hong Hyeon-jun feels that golf is just as challenging compared to other sports and arrived in Physical: 100 to show it. He is a long-drive golfer with a record score of 471 yards in 2021.

Lee Jae-yoon

Profession: Actor

Lee Jae-yoon is another popular name joining the cast of Physical: 100 season two. He’s well-known for his role in the Korean drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. In addition to pursuing fitness with passion, he is also a brown belt in jiu-jitsu.


Profession: CrossFitter

Amotti in Physical: 100

Amotti, a popular crossfitter, was many participants’ first choice when predicting who would win Physical: 100. The contestant possesses incredible cardio and strength, as seen in the pre-quest and first quest. He also has a YouTube channel where he guides others on the path to physical and mental wellness.


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Park Kwang-jae

Profession: Actor

Park Kwang-jae is a prominent South Korean actor who has acted in several popular movies and dramas, including Kil Boksoon, A Shop for Killers, Vigilante, and Moving. As a former basketball player, he joined Physical: 100 to push himself beyond his current limits.

Justin Harvey

Profession: Actor

Justin Harvey in Physical: 100

Justin Harvey is among the few non-South Korean contestants in Physical: 100 season 2. He is an actor who made his debut in The Witch: Part 2 The Other One and is presently pursuing other opportunities while living in South Korea.

While the aforementioned candidates are quite famous in South Korea, here is the list of other Physical: 100 cast members you should be aware of:

  • Ku Sung-hoe (Reserve Sergeant in the Military)
  • Park Yeon-su (Powerlifter)
  • Go Min-jung (CrossFitter)
  • Jang Jun-hyuk (Wrestler)
  • Kim Yeong-chan (Taekkyon Athlete)
  • Lee Jun-ha (American Football)
  • Lee Ho-yeon (Fashion Model)
  • No Seung-hyuk (Dancer)
  • Ha Moo-kyoung (Handball)
  • Kim Bong-yun (Carpenter)
  • Jeon Jong-hyeok (Football)
  • Im Su-jeong (Ssireum Athlete)
  • Kang Seung-min (YouTuber)
  • Kim Woo-joo (Model)
  • Kang Ji-jun (Jige Porter)
  • Park Ha-yun (Handball)
  • Knucks (Dancer)
  • Gwon Ga-young (Fitness Model)
  • Lee Jang-jun (K-pop Artist)
  • GPT (Fitness YouTuber)
  • Gibson (Army Officer)
  • Hong Da-eun (Arborist)
  • Kim Ki-hyuk (Announcer)
  • Kim Amugae (YouTuber)
  • Ahn Sung-hwan (CEO/Entrepreneur)
  • Sim Sung-eon (Nurse)
  • Emmanuel (Bodybuilder)
  • Son Yeong-seok (Office Worker)
  • Wi Sung-oh (Personal Trainer)
  • Yoon Han-jin (YouTuber)
  • Jang Yoon-sung (CEO/Entrepreneur)
  • Jeon Hee-jeong (Actress/Model)
  • Lee Ye-joo (Kurash Athlete)
  • Jo Ha-rang (Handball)
  • Choi Won-jae (Cheerleader)
  • Noh-Sung-yul (YouTuber)
  • Jo Han (College Student)
  • Ju Sung-min (Doctor)
  • Park Hee-jun (Karate)
  • Jang Sung-yeop (Bodybuilder)
  • Seo Young-woo (Bobsledder)
  • Kang Young-seo (Alpine Skier)
  • Eom Dae-hyun (Parkour)
  • Kim Jee-hyuk (Rowing Athlete)
  • Kim Hyeong-kyu (Boxer)
  • Kim Hye-bin (Wusho Sando Athlete)
  • Seol Young-ho (MMA Fighter)
  • Ham Young-jin (Police Officer)
  • Hwang Mun-kyeong (Firefighter and Paramedic)
  • Lee Hyun-woo (Bodybuilder)
  • Kim Do-hyeon (Boxer)
  • Jo Sung-bin (MMA Fighter)

The second season of Physical: 100 is streaming on Netflix.

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