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Oscar-Winning Wonka Star Almost Sent an Anonymous Poo to a Critic After Bad Review

Oscar-Winning Wonka Star Almost Sent an Anonymous Poo to a Critic After Bad Review


  • Even celebrated actress Olivia Colman admits to being tempted to send feces to critics who annoy her.
  • Colman has a busy slate of upcoming projects, including a remake of
    The War of the Roses
  • The actress discusses her favorite piece of swearing from her movie
    Wicked Little Letters
    in a recent interview.

Oscar-winner Olivia Colman may have played the Queen of England, but she has also considered sending “anonymous” poo to some of her critics. In a revealing section of her interview with Josh Horowitz for his Happy Sad Confused podcast, the actress explained how one of her children gave her the idea, and she actually Google’d it to see if it was possible.

Wicked Little Letters

Wicked Little Letters (2024)


Release Date
February 23, 2024

Thea Sharrock

1hr 40min

Jonny Sweet

Blueprint Pictures, Film4, People Person Pictures

Be careful what you post.

Olivia Colman is one of the world’s most versatile actresses, but even the most lauded stars can get a bad review occasionally. Different people react to this kind of thing in different ways, and while Colman may seem like an exemplary Brit that would never do anything as outrageous and react by sending feces to a critic that annoyed her, the thought had crossed her mind in the past. When asked by Horowitz whether she had ever been tempted to send a letter to a critic of her work, the actress made the admission that she had almost taken things one step further than just a strong set of words. She said:

“Well, I’ve been tempted to send anonymous poo to a critic. I was so cross about two critics, and it was one of my kids who went apparently you can send poo. I went, oh? The part of the, you know, the sort of catharsis of just getting over it was just looking it up, going oh, yes you can.”

Although Colman did not evidently go through with the act, it seems that there is now a sense of the idea being out there in the world, meaning that those critics who enjoy delivering a harsh word or two in their reviews should maybe watch out for squishy packages in the future.

Olivia Colman Has a Large Slate of Upcoming movies

Benedict Cumberbatch & Olivia Colman in The Roses Remake
Marvel Studios / 20th Century Studios

As an actress who never seems to stop working, Olivia Colman has an unsurprisingly long list of upcoming projects on the horizon. Having last appeared in the Christmas hit Wonka, the actress is currently appearing in the foul-mouthed comedy Wicked Little Letters, and Colman’s list of new films just continues to grow.

Recently it was announced that the actress will join fellow Marvel star Benedict Cumberbatch in The Roses, a remake of the Michael Douglas dark comedy The War of the Roses, which will be directed by Austin Powers helmer Jay Roach. This film joins horror-romance Wicker, Girl from the North Country, and Paddington in Peru as the next places the actress will pop up.


Best Olivia Colman Performances, Ranked

The beloved British actress is notorious for an abundance of spectacular performances. Let’s take a look at Olivia Colman’s best performances so far.

Last month, the actress spoke to us about her profanity-filled movie, Wicked Little Letters. In the spirit of the movie, Colman was more than happy to discuss her own favorite piece of swearing from the movie. Playfully, the actress revealed:

“I just love the fact that… I think [the film uses] like a candid swearing. It’s like if a kid has learned all these rude words, and they just put them all in, blah, blah, blah. I love the word piss, and I put piss and sack together. That’s quite funny.”

You can see Colman’s MovieWeb interview below, and find
Wicked Little Letters
in cinemas now.

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