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Mrs. Doubtfire’s Child Stars Reunite in New Photo, Lisa Jakub Recalls Robin Williams’ Attempts to Rectify One Problem Caused by Filming

Mrs. Doubtfire's Child Stars Reunite in New Photo, Lisa Jakub Recalls Robin Williams' Attempts to Rectify One Problem Caused by Filming


  • Mara Wilson, Matthew Lawrence, and Lisa Jakub reunited for a nostalgic interview on the Brotherly Love podcast.
  • Lisa Jakub was expelled from high school for filming
    Mrs. Doubtfire
    , leading Robin Williams to write a letter to urge her re-admittance.
  • Director Chris Columbus may create a documentary from hundreds of boxes of Robin Williams’ outtakes from
    Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire stars Mara Wilson, Matthew Lawrence, and Lisa Jakub reunited for a joint interview on the Brotherly Love podcast. As well as Wilson sharing an image of the three of them all grown up that has sent a nostalgic wave through fans, Jakub revealed that she was thrown out of high school for taking time off to star in the movie, leading Robin Williams to write to the principal to urge them to change their mind.

In 1993, Mrs. Doubtfire showcased Robin Williams’ style of manic, energetic comedy to its full, but also delivered a whole lot of heart. For its young stars, the film gave them so many experiences of working with Williams that they have always looked back fondly on the filming of the movie. However, for Jakub, there is another reason why the shooting of the film became memorable; she was expelled from school. She explained:

“I got thrown out of high school on Doubtfire. I’m Canadian. I was attending high school in Canada, then I left for four months to film the movie. We were going to set up this system, pre-internet, where I’d mail my school work back and forth to the school. We did that for a while.

We were a couple of months into filming, and my school in Canada sent a note saying: ‘This isn’t working for us anymore, don’t come back.’ Yeah, 9th grade. I was devastated. It was just so heartbreaking, because I had this life that was very unusual, and that was the one normal thing.”

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire

Release Date
November 24, 1993

Chris Columbus


She makes dinner. She does windows. She reads bedtime stories. She’s a blessing… in disguise.

The actress revealed that Williams was aware of her distress and decided to take matters into his own hand, but it seems that the outcome was not one that they expected. Jakub continued:

“The amazing thing was Robin saw that I was upset — he asked me what was going on. He wrote a letter to my principal saying that he wanted them to rethink this decision and that I was just trying to pursue my education and career at the same time, and could they please support me in this. The principal got the letter, framed the letter, put it up in the office, and didn’t ask me to come back. Amazing.”

This was not the only time that Williams attempted to help the young stars of the movie, as Lawrence added that the actor also tried to get him into the University of Southern Carolina by writing a letter of recommendation.

Robin Williams’ Legacy Lives On, But Could There Be More to Come?

Over the years, there have been stories of how Robin Williams recorded not just hours, but days-worth of material that was never used in any of his movies. As one of the greatest ad-libbers of not only his own generation, but of all-time, almost every director who worked with the actor has talked about the boxes upon boxes of film reels full of outtakes that just could not be used.

One such person is Chris Columbus, who directed Mrs. Doubtfire, and revealed last year that he really hopes to use the hundreds of boxes of outtakes to make a documentary sometime in the future. He told Business Insider:

“There are roughly 972 boxes of footage from ‘Doubtfire’ — footage we used in the movie, outtakes, behind-the-scenes footage — in a warehouse somewhere and we would like to hire an editor to go in and look at all of that footage. We want to show Robin’s process. I mean, there’s 2 million feet of film in that warehouse so there could be something we can do with all of that.”


Robin Williams’ 10 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Even though Robin Williams has passed on, his films and characters continue to live. Here are 10 of his best movies, ranked by Rotten Tomatoes.

In the same interview, Columbus discussed the potential sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire that he had pitched to Williams just before the actor’s untimely death. While there was a script written for the film, Columbus is adamant that there will not, and could not, be a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire without Williams. That is probably something everyone can agree on.

Mrs. Doubtfire
is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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