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Marvel Zombies Confirmed for a TV-MA Rating, According to Marvel Head of Animation

Marvel Zombies Confirmed for a TV-MA Rating, According to Marvel Head of Animation


  • Get ready for a macabre Marvel Universe with
    Marvel Zombies
    – this TV-MA series won’t be for the faint-hearted.
  • Marvel’s new animated series signals a shift towards more mature content, honoring the dark twist of the comic series.
  • Marvel Zombies
    promises to offer fans an intense zombie apocalypse with authentic gore and splatter, pushing superhero show boundaries.

Marvel Zombies, the new animated series promises to plunge fans into the depths of a macabre Marvel Universe. Brad Winderbaum, Marvel’s Head of Streaming, Television, and Animation, said the series is not for the faint-hearted. He confirmed the series has a high chance of getting a TV-MA rating due to its “pretty intense” storylines and graphic violence.

This bold move marks a significant departure from Marvel’s traditional offerings, signaling an era of more mature content from the studio. Winderbaum said during an interview with IGN:

In terms of more mature animation, yeah, we’re making a Marvel Zombies show right now that is pretty intense that’s for sure a TV-MA show.

Marvel Zombies draws its essence from the comic series of the same name, renowned for its dark twist on Marvel’s iconic heroes. The premise was intriguingly introduced to viewers in the What If…? series, where the Avengers face a quantum virus outbreak, leading to a harrowing zombie apocalypse. This glimpse into an undead Marvel Universe set the stage for the full-fledged “Marvel Zombies” series, which will delve deeper into this nightmarish scenario. Winderbaum added:

“And again, it’s trying to honor the comics. And what was so great about the comics was it not pulling its punches. That’s certainly what we’re going for on that project also.”

what if?

what if?

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Featuring zombified versions of heroes such as Yelena, Kate Bishop, Red Guardian, Jimmy Woo, and Shang-Chi, the series aims to explore the consequences of a world where superheroes become the very horrors they once battled against. Marvel’s commitment to delivering an authentic zombie experience promises to include all the gore and splatter that fans of the genre expect, pushing the envelope of what superhero shows can depict.

Marvel Zombie: Marvel Continues to Experiment with Darker and More Mature-Themed Offers

The move towards more mature themes is part of a broader strategy by Marvel to diversify its content and appeal to a wider audience. This isn’t Marvel’s first foray into adult-oriented content, with shows like Echo, M.O.D.O.K., and Hit-Monkey previously exploring darker themes. However, Marvel Zombies represents a significant step forward in integrating these themes into the core MCU narrative. Marvel Zombies will consist of four episodes, each promising a concentrated dose of horror and action. This format is somewhat of an experiment for Marvel, deviating from the longer series formats to tell a compelling story within a condensed framework.


Marvel Zombies: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

Marvel Zombies is getting adapted for the small screen on Disney+. Here’s what to know!

The anticipation surrounding Marvel Zombies is palpable among Marvel fans and horror enthusiasts. The series not only offers a fresh take on beloved characters but also challenges the conventional boundaries of the superhero genre. By embracing the darker aspects of its universe, Marvel Studios is poised to deliver a series that could redefine what it means to be a hero in the face of unimaginable horror.

Marvel Zombie is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in 2024.

As Marvel continues to explore new genres and themes, Marvel Zombies stands as a testament to the studio’s willingness to innovate and push the limits of storytelling. This series could very well set a new standard for adult-oriented content within the MCU, paving the way for more ambitious and daring projects in the future.

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