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Lionsgate Says Michael Jackson Biopic Will Be The Biggest Movie They’ve Ever Made

Lionsgate Says Michael Jackson Biopic Will Be The Biggest Movie They've Ever Made


  • Lionsgate is confident that the Michael Jackson biopic will be their biggest release ever with fans’ buzz.
  • The film depicts Michael Jackson’s highs and lows, with a $150 million budget and over 30 of his songs featured.
  • The biopic will showcase Jackson’s triumphs and struggles, starring Jaafar Jackson, and will be released in 2025.

Lionsgate’s upcoming Michael Jackson biopic is shaping up to be their biggest release of all-time according to one of the studio’s bosses. While there have been several big musical biopics in the last several years, from Bohemian Rhapsody to Elvis, Michael is already catching the attention of the pop megastar’s fans, and that could help push the film to new heights.

It is hard to deny that when it comes to musical artists, both dead or alive, Michael Jackson continues to be seen as one of the greatest. It will be nearly 15 years since the ‘King of Pop’ passed away, and his music has only grown in popularity over the years. From those who have grown up with his music, or casual listeners drawn in by hits like “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal“, his influence has crossed many generations. This is something that Lionsgate is banking on by releasing the upcoming biopic. In fact, they’re so confident in it that they believe it could very well be the biggest film they’ve ever released.

During a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Jim Packer, president of worldwide television distribution at Lionsgate, spoke about how his studios’ film and TV production and library business will be very IP focused as it cranks out franchises. This was when the topic turned to Michael, the Michael Jackson biopic directed by Antoine Fuqua. It was a small blurb but significant in its confidence. Packer said, “The buzz that we’re getting every time a photo gets released is kind of crazy. And I think that’ll be the biggest movie we’ve ever had.”

The Michael Jackson Biopic Is a Pricey Endeavor

Jaafar Jackson matches Michael Jackson's dance moves in Michael biopic

It’s very possible that Michael could be one of the biggest musical biopics of all time, given the international appeal of Michael Jackson. Lionsgate must believe in its appeal, given its reported $150 million budget (with some reports saying it’s as high as $155 million). Some have questioned the blockbuster-level budget of the biopic, but the film, which is being made with full cooperation from the Jackson estate and his family, likely had to spend a fortune on Jackson’s music rights alone. According to Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King, over 30 songs by the prolific performer are being used in the film.


Michael Jackson Biopic Director Says Movie Will Not Avoid Controversies of the Pop Icon

The director of the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic says “the good, bad, and the ugly” facts of the star’s life will be told.

Written by John Logan, Michael will see Jackson’s real-life nephew, Jaafar Jackson, playing him in the film. The movie will also mark Jaafar’s film debut, and he will be capably supported by the likes of Colman Domingo, Nia Long, Miles Teller, Laura Harrier, Kat Graham, Larenz Tate, and Derek Luke. Here is the film’s official synopsis, courtesy of Lionsgate:

“Michael will bring audiences a riveting and honest portrayal of the brilliant yet complicated man who became known worldwide as the King of Pop. This epic, cinematic film will examine Jackson’s triumphs and tragedies, from his human side, to his public and private struggles, to the accusations and the 24/7 media microscope Jackson lived under, even at his artistic apex. The all-star filmmaking team will also capture Michael’s undeniable creative genius, recreating his most memorable, iconic performances. As never before, audiences will experience an inside look at one of the most influential, trailblazing artists the world has ever known.”

Filming wrapped on Michael on May 30, and the moment was captured by the film’s production company GK Films on their Instagram page with a caption that reads, “And that’s a wrap! Thank you to the best cast and crew we could ever ask for! See you soon, Moonwalkers! Shamonnnneee”

hits screens on April 18, 2025.

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