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LaRoy, Texas Clip Teases Western Neo-Noir Comedy

LaRoy, Texas Clip Teases Western Neo-Noir Comedy


  • LaRoy, Texas
    is a new Western thriller featuring a phenomenal cast, out April 12.
  • The film boasts excellent performances, especially from Magaro as the sad-sack loser, Zahn as the cowboy private eye, and Baker as the icy hitman.
  • Director Shane Atkinson explains the casting process and praises the actors’ ability to understand and embody their roles effortlessly.

We have a clip from the phenomenal new Western comedy thriller, LaRoy, Texas, out April 12 from Brainstorm Media. Starring John Magaro (Past Lives, First Cow), Steve Zahn (Dallas Buyers Club, The White Lotus), and Dylan Baker (Dream Scenario, The Good Wife/Good Fight), LaRoy, Texas marks the directorial debut of Shane Atkinson, the screenwriter behind the Diane Keaton comedy Poms, who brings this darkly comedic thriller to life from his original screenplay. You can watch the clip above and find out more information about the film below:

Broke and depressed, Ray (John Magaro) is mistaken for a dangerous hitman and given an envelope of cash. Along with his P.I. friend Skip (Steve Zahn), he must escape the actual hitman to make it out of LaRoy alive.



Best Western Comedies, Ranked

Though rare, Western comedies continue to dazzle and entertain audiences with their sidesplitting humor, thrilling action, and engrossing storylines.

The entire cast is excellent, with Magaro playing the perfect sad-sack loser, Zahn hilarious as the overconfident and incompetent cowboy private eye, and Baker as an icy hitman. It has one of the best opening scenes of the year and doesn’t let up from there. The film also stars Megan Stevenson and Matthew Del Negro. You can check out the poster below:

LaRoy, Texas

LaRoy, Texas (2024)

Release Date
April 12, 2024

Shane Atkinson

112 Minutes

Shane Atkinson

Adastra Films , FLOTE Entertainment

Brainstorm Media

Shane Atkinson Discusses LaRoy, Texas

We spoke with Atkinson last year when the film screened to great acclaim at Tribeca. He explained the importance of casting and how he got the best people for the part. “You mentioned Steve Zhan in that part, I mean, he’s just so wonderful and so terrific,” explained Atkinson. “We were trying to find somebody who would work for sh*t but also who paired nicely with John, because they have this relationship in the film, and it’s really about their dynamic.” He continued:

“And my wife suggested Steve, and as soon as she did, it was immediately like, ‘Oh, of course, nobody else could possibly do this. I’m gonna be devastated when he says no.’ But thankfully, we sent it to him and he was interested. He’s a big fan of John’s and wanted to work with John, and so he came on, and then yeah, we got Dylan Baker, who is just phenomenal, I can’t picture anybody else in that role.”

“A big reason why I wanted to work with these specific actors, is because they got it,” admitted Atkinson. “They just understood what I was going for, and they didn’t need a ton of direction. It’s a hard thing to describe. It’s a hard thing to explain. It’s a hard thing to direct, if somebody’s doing something different. But you know, we didn’t have a lot of time ahead of shooting. So people really just needed to come in ready to go.”

From Adastra Films, FLOTE Entertainment, and Ellly Films, Brainstorm Media is distributing LaRoy, Texas in theaters and on demand April 12, 2024.

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