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Kevin Smith’s New Movie is a Coming-of Age Story, Just Don’t Expect Jay and Silent Bob to Show Up

Kevin Smith's New Movie is a Coming-of Age Story, Just Don't Expect Jay and Silent Bob to Show Up


  • Kevin Smith’s new movie,
    The 4:30 Movie
    , is a coming-of-age comedy set in the summer of 1986, featuring a story of love and friendship.
  • The film stars Austin Zajur, Nicholas Cirillo, Reed Northrup, and Siena Agudong, marking a departure from the iconic Jay and Silent Bob duo.
  • As Smith continues to expand his creative projects, fans can anticipate nostalgic sequels to his popular films like
    Jay and Silent Bob
    in the future.

Kevin Smith has shared details on his next movie venture, entitled The 4:30 Movie. Once again written and directed by Smith, the film has been acquired by Saban Films, who also distributed Jay and Silent Bob Reboot in 2019. However, this time around, Smith will not be bringing that iconic duo along for the ride.


What Makes Kevin Smith’s First Film So Iconic?

Clerks was an underground smash that found even more life on VHS. But why does Kevin Smith’s first film hold up?

The new movie is described as “set in the summer of 1986, the coming-of-age comedy follows three sixteen-year-old friends who spend their Saturdays sneaking into movies at the local multiplex. But when one of the guys also invites the girl of his dreams to see the latest comedy, each of the teens will learn something serious about life and love before the credits roll.”

The film will see Austin Zajur, Nicholas Cirillo, and Reed Northrup as the three friends with Siena Agudong playing the “dream girl” who is invited to join the movie-loving trio on their journey. Speaking to Deadline about the story behind the movie, Smith said:

“The day we bought Smodcastle Cinemas, I not only reclaimed an integral piece of my childhood, I also suddenly had access to a visually interesting and cost-free movie location! So I started writing a personal paean to the past for us 70’s and 80’s kids – the pre-information generation who grew up without the Internet, when romance and relationships required much more than a swipe to get started, and the idea of asking out someone you had a crush on was as terrifying as the looming threat of nuclear war.”

Jonathan Saba, Chief Content Officer of Saban Films, added to Smith’s comments:

“Kevin has been one of the defining voices in American Independent Cinema for 30 years now, and The 4:30 Movie is like a Valentine to moviegoers from a lifelong film fan that also acts as his most personal production yet. This is our second of hopefully many movies together.”

Kevin Smith is Not Finished in Hollywood Just Yet

Kevin Smith wearing a white cap backwards

Despite every Kevin Smith project seemingly being like the one he intends to be wrapping up his career along with several prominent stories or characters, the writer-director just keeps on coming back with more new movies.

While he recently dipped into the world of television with his Masters of the Universe reboot/sequel series for Netflix, Smith has constantly been working on expanding his Askewniverse, as well as delivering several projects that have all stemmed from his personal life. The 4:30 Movie looks set to be another example of the latter, but he is also planning some nostalgic returns to his older stomping grounds too.


Kevin Smith Opens Up About His Mental Heath Issues and Getting Comfortable With Himself

Kevin Smith has spoken openly about the traumatic experiences from his past and how it has impacted his mental health.

After delivering Clerks III, Smith has reportedly been working on sequels to other movies from his back catalogue, including Mallrats, Tusk and Jay and Silent Bob. Whether all of these projects come to fruition is something that we can only wait and see, but as Smith tends to fall straight out of one release straight into the next, it would not be out of the question for all three of these movies – and more – to be gracing cinema screens in the coming years.

Smith is expected to share
The 4:30 Movie
at festivals this summer, before a worldwide release later in the year.

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