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Janet Jackson Recalls Almost Joining the X-Men as Storm Before Halle Berry

Janet Jackson Recalls Almost Joining the X-Men as Storm Before Halle Berry


  • Janet Jackson was almost cast as Storm in
    before embarking on a world tour.
  • Musicians like Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, along with Angela Bassett, were considered for the role of Storm in the
  • Halle Berry ultimately portrayed the character in multiple
    films and is open to revisiting the role in the future.

When the live-action X-Men began to take shape back in 2000, some of the central roles in the film became a hot commodity for some of the biggest names in the industry at that time. One of the characters being brought to life was Ororo Munroe/Storm and several big names were up for the part before Halle Berry ultimately landed the role. One person that came very close to landing the part may surprise you as she is primarily known for being one of the best-selling female music artists of all-time, with Janet Jackson almost playing the mutant with the powerful ability to manipulate the weather.

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Jackson revealed that she was in the running to play Storm in Bryan Singer’s X-Men. The singer ultimately had to turn the role down because she was about to embark on a world tour. Jackson said:

“It was…this is horrible. I can’t remember the film, but Halle Berry played Storm.”

After Barrymore informed her that the movie was indeed X-Men, Jackson went on to say…

“I couldn’t because I was just embarking on the Janet tour.”

Other Actors Were Considered for Storm Before Halle Berry Landed the Role



Release Date
July 13, 2000

Before Berry officially landed the part, other performers were considered to take on Storm, including another music artist. During a 2017 interview, X-Men screenwriter revealed that pop star Mariah Carey came in to potentially take on the part. Another strong contender, and the first choice of the filmmaker’s, was Angela Bassett, but a deal couldn’t be reached because her agents wanted more money they could have provided at the time.


Matthew Vaughn Explains X-Men 3 Exit Over Fake Halle Berry Script Plan: “I Don’t Care if I’m Not Meant to Say It.”

Matthew Vaughn dropped out of X-Men: The Last Stand when he discovered the studio were trying to trick Halle Berry into signing onto the movie.

“I was writing it for the comic book characters. I was brought on as they were casting, so I was lucky enough to be there for some of the people who came in like Terence Stamp for Xavier and Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey for Storm. Michael Jackson came in because he wanted to play Professor X. I was amazing. Shaq came in. Viggo Mortensen came in. I really liked Viggo for Wolverine, but it didn’t come together for whatever reason. Angela Bassett was our first choice for Storm, but her agents wanted more money than we had at the time. Same with Rachael Leigh Cook for Rogue.”

Berry portrayed Storm in the first X-Men film and went on to reprise the role in 2003’s X2: X-Men United, 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, and 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. It remains to be seen if she will be one of the surprise cameos in the upcoming multiverse MCU entry, Deadpool & Wolverine, but Berry has admitted in the past that she would love to revisit the role of Storm, and even Catwoman, a film once maligned that has gained a bit of a cult following since its initial release. The actress said:

“I would revisit any of them, actually. I loved all of those characters [Storm and Catwoman] and I was always grateful to get to play them and be a part of those big franchises, you know? So I would revisit any of them.”

Marvel fans can find out whether Halle Berry returns as Storm in
Deadpool & Wolverine
when the MCU outing is released in the United States on July 26, 2024.

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