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Is Finales of the Unexplained Another Unsolved Mysteries?

Is Finales of the Unexplained Another Unsolved Mysteries?


  • Files of the Unexplained
    lacks the spooky tone that made
    Unsolved Mysteries
    captivating for viewers.
  • Unlike
    Unsolved Mysteries
    Files of the Unexplained
    struggles with storytelling, feeling disjointed and lacking in depth.
  • The series presents too many possibilities without clear direction, leaving episodes feeling empty and lacking coherence.

From aliens to sea creatures and plenty in between, Netflix’s Files of the Unexplained is a new docuseries exploring several mysterious phenomena. Taking the number one spot on the streaming platform, the series consists of eight episodes, each investigating specific enigmas without definitive explanations. Narrated by Tijuana Ricks, the show has already been compared to the wildly popular mystery series Unsolved Mysteries, which Netflix revived in 2020. Much like Unsolved Mysteries, Files of the Unexplained doesn’t necessarily provide answers to the questions it raises. Instead, it relies on viewers to explore the possibilities of what could be true.

Originally airing in 1987, Unsolved Mysteries ran for over 20 years before the series was shelved before its Netflix renewal. Known for its memorable, spooky theme song and Robert Stack’s notable narration, the series profiled real mysteries using actor reenactments alongside corresponding interviews. While the show predominantly featured unsolved true crimes, missing persons, and conspiracies, it delved into alien abductions, ghosts, and UFOs as well. Given the type of content Files of the Unexplained dabbles with, it’s no wonder viewers compared the two series so quickly. However, while it’s obvious both shows reside in the same space, they each differ in their approach.

The Tone of Unsolved Mysteries Sticks With Viewers – Files of the Unexplained Simply Doesn’t

Plenty of Millennials lost sleep growing up specifically because of Unsolved Mysteries and the creepy tone it set. Anyone who was a fan of the original series remembers the show’s theme song as well as Stack’s narration. At this point, it’s become nostalgic in the eyes of many fans over the age of 30. A staple series of the ’90s, the original show provided compelling accounts within a spooky realism that allowed the story to feel hauntingly honest and close to home. Furthermore, the manner in which the show presented its evidence and utilized reenactments stuck with viewers well after an episode ended. The show was memorable because of its structure and overall eerie tone.


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Unfortunately, Files of the Unexplained simply isn’t spooky, nor does it provide the same frightening element that made Unsolved Mysteries so captivating. While it covers topics that are creepy and disturbing, it lacks a certain tone that keeps viewers up at night. The show feels more like a roadside attraction than a legitimate attempt to explore the unexplained. While such a show can be entertaining, it doesn’t rise to the same stature as something like Unsolved Mysteries. Although Files of the Unexplained attempts to lay out plenty of details throughout each episode, the show doesn’t offer anything new regarding its chosen subjects. In fact, it leaves out necessary information the show could have used to paint a complete picture, which ultimately creates a flat tone.

Files of the Unexplained Struggles With Its Storytelling

Unlike Files of the Unexplained, Unsolved Mysteries was a gripping and eerie series. It told a linear story that made sense for viewers and was generally easy to follow. The way it incorporated reenactments alongside interviews from family, friends, police, etc., made the story come to life in a way Files of the Unexplained fails to do. Furthermore, it provided the necessary context for each of its mysteries and generally felt more sensible compared to Netflix’s newest mystery show. Unfortunately, Files of the Unexplained feels extremely disjointed in its storytelling. It’s also far too comfortable venturing beyond what actually feels possible, which sometimes makes the series feel a bit hokey.


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In contrast to Unsolved Mysteries, Files of the Unexplained presents too many possibilities when attempting to explain a particular mysterious phenomenon. While it makes sense to offer a handful of possible conclusions for viewers to explore, it ultimately makes each episode feel disjointed more than anything. There’s no clear direction as to what the show suggests to its viewers, and there’s no linear vision that helps the audience follow along cohesively. The vision of the series feels empty because its storytelling falls short.

Furthermore, Files of the Unexplained doesn’t provide enough context for its topics. Either half of the necessary background information feels excluded, or the show appears to go out of its way to create a mystery where there isn’t one. Given that each episode is about half the length of an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, it makes sense why so much about the show feels hollow and falls short. There simply isn’t enough time to tell a compelling, spooky story. While it’s clear that Files of the Unexplained is an adjacent series to Unsolved Mysteries, it doesn’t hold a candle to the classic mystery show. Files of the Unexplained and the 2020 revival of Unsolved Mysteries are currently streaming on Netflix. Original seasons of Unsolved Mysteries are currently streaming on Peacock.

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