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Irish Wish’s Gorgeous Filming Locations Are the Real Stars of the Movie

Irish Wish's Gorgeous Filming Locations Are the Real Stars of the Movie

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to a good comedy, let alone a romantic comedy that allows her to be quirky and flirty all at the same time, so fans were naturally excited to hear that she was starring in Netflix’s latest rom-com, Irish Wish. Lohan plays a book editor named Maddie Kelly who is secretly in love with her writing partner, Paul Kennedy (Alexander Vlahos). Unfortunately, Maddie takes too long to disclose her feelings, and her best friend ends up engaged to Paul.

Trying to keep her true feelings to herself, Maddie accompanies the happy couple to Ireland for their wedding, but she ends up making a wish that makes her the soon-to-be bride. Maddie initially loves that everything is finally going how she had dreamed, but a cute photographer and her best friend’s sadness make her realize that things need to go back to the way they were before.

A poster for Irish Wish featuring Lindsay Lohan, Ed Speleers, and Alexander Vlahos

Irish Wish

Release Date
March 15, 2024

Janeen Damian

Lindsay Lohan , Ed Speleers , Alexander Vlahos , Ayesha Curry , Elizabeth Tan , Jacinta Mulcahy , Jane Seymour , Matty McCabe

93 Minutes


While watching the rather predictable and formulaic storyline unfold, many viewers will find themselves actually ogling over the scenery. Sure, when people think of Ireland, they imagine lavish green fields with enormous cliffs and tall grass blowing in the breeze, but the beautiful countryside is so much more than that. The landscape in Irish Wish really manages to steal the spotlight from Lohan, but no one seems too upset about it. Instead, many viewers are looking up the locations and checking flight prices for the summer.

From the colorful wildflowers to the incredible architecture of the buildings, see how Irish Wish‘s gorgeous filming locations actually managed to be the stars of the movie.

Killruddery House and Gardens

Lindsay Lohan walking up to Killruddery Mansion in Irish Wish

When Maddie gets dropped off by the bus and begins walking up the private road to the Kennedy family home, she, much like every viewer, is mesmerized by the enormous mansion before her. The home, which looks more like a castle fit for a royal family, appears to sit on hundreds of acres of beautifully kept lawns with gardens as far as the eye can see. Naturally, Maddie and her friends are impressed by the intricate details of the gorgeous estate, and fans can (and should) get excited that it is actually a place people can visit.

Why Fans Should Visit the Killruddery House

The lavish historic home can be found just south of Dublin, Ireland in County Wicklow. It is on a whopping 800-acre estate that is actually a sustainable, bio-diverse farm which travelers can tour. From free-range fresh meat to vegetables and fruits grown right on the property, it is definitely a destination many people love to explore.

According to the Killruddery House website, three generations of the Brabazon family live in the house, run the farm, and welcome all visitors with open arms. Since the 16th century, the Brabazon family has worked on improving the land and making it a must-see experience for all.

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Powerscourt Estate

Along with the Killruddery property, the Powerscourt Estate was another magnificent location that doubled as the Kennedy home. With its expansive gardens and winding roads, a few of the outside and driving scenes of Irish Wish were shot at this second location.

Also, while viewers are made to believe that Maddie, Paul, and the rest of the gang are still in the United States for Paul’s book signing, Lohan and everyone else were already in Ireland, specifically at this property. The luxury bar where Paul’s reading and signing take place in is actually a distillery that is on the Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow.

A Bit About Powerscourt Estate

The moment you take a look at the Powerscourt Estate website, there is absolutely no question about why a second house would be used for certain outdoor scenes. The gardens are vibrant, breathtaking, and simply seem to be movie-ready at all hours of the day.

Built in the 13th century, the mansion was actually a castle, but remodels and renovations over the years have given it a more modern look. People come from all over to stroll through the dazzling gardens, but as far as touring the inside of the house goes, the family prefers to keep the doors closed and live a more private life.

Lough Tay

Lindsay Lohan in Irish Wish - Lough Tay Lake

Though Maddie had helped Paul write his book about a dark fairy from a far-away beautiful land, she had no way of knowing just how amazing the real location was until she actually got to see it for herself. Paul takes Maddie, her friends, and his brother to Lough Tay, the lake that inspired his book, and everyone is understandably in awe. The lake is quite large, with beautiful wildflowers growing all around its edges. While the others hop in rowboats, Maddie decides to take a walk, and she finds the most idyllic sitting spot that just so happens to be a magical wishing chair.

Lough Tay is The Heart of Ireland’s Famous Beer

Sadly, while a few of the actors got to jump in boats and row their way onto the water, the real lake is actually closed off to the public because it is on private property. The Guinness family’s estate — you know, the family who makes the famous Guinness beer — surrounds the lake. The wishing chair is actually on the hillside just above the lake, but what is more magnificent is the white sand that quietly lies on one side of Lough Tay, making the whole body of water look like a pint of Ireland’s foamy, signature beverage.

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The Cliffs of Moher

When Maddie and James (Ed Speleers) head out to look for the perfect location for a wedding photoshoot, they end up on the west coast of Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher. Maddie is absolutely in love with the location and actually mentions that it would be the perfect backdrop, but when she tells Paul about her idea, he simply sneers at it. In fact, he scoffs at the fact that Maddie thinks so highly of the tourist attraction.

Where You May Recognize the Cliffs of Moher from

While Paul is right about the fact that almost all tourists put “see the Cliffs of Moher” on their to-do lists when they visit Ireland, the rugged rocks are certainly a spectacular sight worth seeing in person at least once in a lifetime. Many viewers may have found themselves a tad puzzled as the camera panned out on the cliffs, swearing they had seen them before, and chances are, they have. The Cliffs of Moher have been featured in a number of films, such as The Princess Bride, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Leap Year.

Westport’s Town Square in County Mayo

Ed Speleers and Lindsay Lohan in Irish Wish

As the film comes to a close, Maddie and James meet once again in the quaint little town square. James is minding his business on a bench in front of a colorful flowerbed, while equally vibrant shops are just on the other side of the street. Maddie makes her way over, and in a traditional rom-com fashion, the pair begin talking about staying and exploring Ireland together.

When the camera pans out over the shops, one cannot help but think they have been transported into a Hallmark postcard, showcasing the wholesomeness that simply radiates from the location.

Westport, Ireland is Cozy, Warm, and Welcoming

Westport, County Mayo, is everything a little seaside village should be. The shops are all different colors; there are flowers everywhere (even baskets of flowers line the lamp posts in Irish Wish), and everyone seems to be in a perfectly splendid mood. With its stone bridges resting just above the Carrowbeg River, this picturesque historical town certainly deserves the spotlight as well as a spot on your “to-see list” when you visit Ireland.

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