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Invincible and Omni-Man’s 9 Biggest Weaknesses, Explained

Invincible and Omni-Man’s 9 Biggest Weaknesses, Explained

The Viltrumites are a race of highly advanced aliens who seek to conquer and rule the entire universe in the Invincible series. While they may look humanoid, they have great powers, strength, and durability. They can even live for thousands of years without showing serious signs of aging. Notably, Mark and his father Nolan Grayson, also known as the eponymous Invincible and Omni-Man, are Viltrumites and come with these great abilities. It is little wonder how Omni-Man was able to pass himself off as a superhero.



However, even beings as strong and powerful as the Viltrumites have their limits. As the story goes on, a few weaknesses are shown that can, and have, been used against them. There are even entire beings that can harm them. Some weaknesses can be used as a direct attack, while others can be used to manipulate them. However, the Viltrumites can still sometimes find ways to overcome these weaknesses. Stream Invincible on Prime Video.

9 The Scourge Virus

The Coalition of Planets was able to come up with a way to counter the Viltrumites: the Scourge Virus. The virus, made from Viltrumite blood, could both kill the host directly or indirectly, by stripping the victim of its strength and invulnerability. Either way, the virus proved to be a near-genocidal threat, destroying nearly the entire Viltrumite species, at around 99.9%, by the end of the series.

There’s Even a New and Improved Version

Those who survived were still severely weakened. Conquest, for example, lost his right arm and the sight in his right eye, after the virus cost him his strength, even after the infection had left his system. An improved version of the virus also existed, which proved powerful enough to withstand most immunities. Mark would end up infected by this version of the virus, whose effects became immediately clear. However, in the end, Mark proved able to overcome it.

8 Intense Sounds & High Frequencies

One weakness that impacts the Viltrumites is that their inner ear works as an Achilles’ heel. The workings of their ears are very delicate as a biological consequence of the Viltrumites being able to fly.

Thanks to this, intense sounds can send a Viltrumite into great pain. Not only can it be weaponized against them, but this sensitivity is so strong a Viltrumite can actually die from overexposure to high frequencies. A specific sound wave can also be used to place a Viltrumite into paralysis.

The Story Behind Mark’s Earpiece

It is eventually revealed that even Mark’s earpiece is part of a larger contingency plan. As Cecil once reveals, the communicator embedded in Mark’s ear was paired with a powerful transmitter, meant to take him down if he proved to be a threat. Cecil even notes that the transmitter is programmed to go into a permanent loop, presumably killing Mark, should it be damaged.

7 The Rognarrs

The Rognarrs are alien creatures who are known for being one of the few beings able to hurt and kill Viltrumites. This is thanks in part to the gravity on their planet, which meant they had to develop powerful strength and endurance just to move.

Viltrumites Can Freeze, but They Can’t Fly

Nolan first encountered these beings while researching their planet. The Rognarrs proved a serious threat to him, restraining him and even being able to rip off the flesh from his bones. Even Nolan’s ability to fly wasn’t much help, as the Rognarrs were able to jump impressive distances. After years of being unable to slay or even capture a Rognarr, the Viltrumites froze the creatures on their planet with a large solar disk, blocking off access to the sun.

However, the Rognarrs were freed when an energy beam destroyed the disk. Nolan and Allen the Alien, who were on the planet in the hopes of capturing a frozen specimen, only survived due to the Rognarrs still suffering aftereffects of thawing out. Space Rider, however, would prove able to capture seven Rognarrs, using them against the Viltrumites.

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6 The Klaxus Plant

Omni-Man explains the purpose of the Beetles in Invincible.
Skybound Entertainment/Image Comics

In life, often a small life form can still prove to be deadly, as this proves true in Invincible. Another alien life form that has proven to be a threat to the Viltrumites is the Klaxus plant, which can infect its victims with a potent poison. It cannot outright kill a Viltrumite, but its poison is still strong enough to strip Viltrumites of their superpowers. Once weakened, a Viltrumite can easily be subdued.

That’s Where the Beetles Come in…

Though the Viltrumites appear unable to keep the Klaxus plant from growing altogether, they have found a way of fighting it. They infested the planet it grew on with Sinlak Beetles, who are able to eat them even quicker than they grow. Notably, these plants would even be weaponized by the Coalition of Planets, using extracts supplied by Omni-Man.

5 The Weakness of Youth

Aging is an interesting process for the Viltrumites. Not only can they live thousands of years, but upon reaching maturity, Viltrumites appear to only grow stronger with age. In fact, they even appear to grow stronger and gain more endurance after surviving being injured, if only because it inspires them to push beyond their limits. As they get older, fighting may even help them hone their powers. However, that still means they need to have the luck of growing up in the first place.

The Logical Weakness of Getting Stronger with Age

Mark starts out relatively weak when compared to his father at the start of his series, especially since he hasn’t had the centuries of training that Nolan has had. Mark proves that he can tap into great strength when he gives into emotions. This implies that, while Viltrumites will grow into a power threat, they could at least be subdued during their youth.

4 Intense Heat

Viltrumites have thick skin and also have a strong healing factor. However, even this has its limits. High levels of heat have the potential to seriously hurt a Viltrumite. During the final battle between Invincible and Thragg, the fight thrusts them into the core of a sun.

The Power of the Sun

While they could initially survive inside the sun, it was shown that the heat would eventually start to burn them, weakening their healing factor, burning off their clothes and even their skin.

Mark was able to use this to his advantage to take down Thragg once and for all. With enough time, Mark would have eventually succumbed to the same fate had he not gained the upper hand and been rescued by Allen the Alien, leaving Thragg to burn to his death. Though he is eventually treated, Mark is also left seriously burnt afterward.

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3 Attacks from the Inside

Viltrumites might be tough on the outside, but they might be a little softer on the inside. This was shown when the characters had to face off against an alternate version of Mark, also known as “Mohawk Mark.” Robot attacks first using the Viltrumite weakness to high frequencies against them.

Robot Puts His Theory to the Test

Robot then shoots a bomb inside the alternate Mark’s mouth and into his esophagus. Robot shares his hope that the Viltrumite interior is more vulnerable than their exterior. The attack proves effective, blasting out the alternate Mark’s eyeballs, with internal organs shooting out of his throat. This effectively proved Robot’s theory, showing Viltrumites can be successfully killed through attacks from the inside. Fortunately for the mainstream Mark, however, Robot doesn’t test out his theory on him.

Viltrumites can also be seriously hurt if their heart or brain isn’t left intact. This becomes important towards the end, as Omni-Man sees his heart ripped out and fatally damaged by Thragg, which proves too much for his healing factor.

2 Space Racer and His Gun

Space Racer is an alien vigilante on a hoverbike who had been sealed away by Omni-Man before the start of the series. He has a powerful gun that has blasts powerful enough to cut through and even kill a Viltrumite before their healing factor can save them. The gun is an extremely useful weapon, being able to cut through nearly anything. Removing the gun from Space Racer doesn’t do much damage, as it would immediately return to him.

Either Dodge or Make Peace

Added to this, Space Racer can withstand any injury as long as he possesses his gun. It’s implied the gun may even grant Space Racer immortality, as he was able to survive a long period without eating, with medical tests proving he was still in good physical health.

It is possible for a Viltrumite to dodge one of Space Racer’s blasts, as seen with Thragg. That said, they could still be hit by any explosion caused by whatever the beam did hit. Space Racer can also be convinced into forming a truce with an enemy, also allowing a Viltrumite to survive an encounter with him.

1 The Power of Love

Viltrumites have proved to have great physical prowess, but their emotions just might be able to get the better of them. Early on, Omni-Man’s mission to conquer the Earth for the Viltrum Empire drove him to do many horrific things, from killing his own allies to nearly beating his son to death. However, later stories show that Omni-Man is still capable of love.

Love Conquers All

In the comics, when the surviving Viltrumites were sent to Earth, they found themselves developing deep attachments to the Earthlings that became part of their lives, spurring them on to move on from their past. However, this is also seen early on, with Omni-Man initially abandoning his plans to conquer the Earth because Mark wouldn’t join him. It can even be said that Mark saw the Viltrum Empire’s ambitions as the evil they were because he had been raised as a hero with human values.

At the end of the comics, Omni-Man claims that his heart is too damaged to allow his body to repair itself. On a symbolic level, while this does reflect the literal threat of being attacked on the inside, this can also show the power emotions can have on a Viltrumite.

In general, emotions can be used against Viltrumites in a variety of ways. Their short temper, for example, makes them susceptible to be tricked. Likewise, the TV version hints that the power of love could be just as dangerous as it is benevolent: Angstrom Levy claims some alternate versions of Debbie ended up betraying the human race for the sake of her husband and son.

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