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‘I Want to Be on the Stand on Pop-Tart Charges’

‘I Want to Be on the Stand on Pop-Tart Charges’


  • Kellogg’s is thrilled with the new Netflix film
    but Jerry Seinfeld couldn’t resist poking fun at not asking permission from the company before making the movie.
  • Seinfeld’s observational humor shines through as he jokes about possibly facing “Pop-Tart charges” in court if Kellogg’s had disapproved and brought forth a lawsuit.
  • Unfrosted
    is now streaming on Netflix and features an all-star cast.

To be clear, there won’t be any lawsuits over Pop Tarts where Jerry Seinfeld is concerned. According to Seinfeld’s longtime collaborator, Unfrosted co-writer/producer Spike Feresten, Kellogg’s “couldn’t be happier” with the new Netflix film. However, Seinfeld’s keen instinct for observational humor was on full display when the comedian appeared on The Rich Eisen Show to promote his new project. And Seinfeld couldn’t help but jest when he pointed out that he and his team didn’t ask Kellogg’s for permission to make Unfrosted. Seinfeld joked with the show’s host:

I want to be on the stand on Pop-Tart charges.

Unfrosted movie poster

Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story


Release Date
May 3, 2024

1hr 33min

Spike Feresten , Barry Marder , Andy Robin

Columbus 81 Productions, Netflix Studios

The studio exploded with laughter when Seinfeld, as he almost always does, took an everyday observation and turned it into a winning punchline. The subject of a Pop-Tarts lawsuit came up when the comedian was explaining to Eisen that they had to ask permission back in the day to use the Titleist golf ball brand name during the Seinfeld Season 5 episode, The Marine Biologist. After realizing that there was a hilarious opportunity to tie Krammer’s (Michael Richards) golf obsession in with George (Jason Alexander) pretending to be a marine biologist, Seinfeld had to jump on the phone at the last minute with the higher-ups at Titleist. Seinfeld told Eisen:

“Going up the chain at Titleist that morning,
getting someone at Titleist to let us say, ‘Titleist,’
you have to do that.
I did not do that in Unfrosted,
by the way [Eisen laughs].
There was no call to Kellogg’s.
‘No, let’s go to court [uproarious laughter].
I want to be on the stand on Pop Tart charges.’”

Jerry Seinfeld Jests About Facing the ‘Pop-Tart Judges’

Kellogg’s approval of Unfrosted is clear according to co-writer and producer, Spike Feresten. But Jerry Seinfeld has found a joke that is absolutely killing as he makes the rounds on his press tour promoting Unfrosted. The topic of not getting permission from Kellogg’s came up yet again while the comedian visited with Entertainment Weekly. And this time, Seinfeld not only brought up Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, but the hilarious possibility of facing the “Pop-Tart judges” in an Unfrosted sequel. Seinfeld told EW:

“This movie is the opposite of Barbie.
Barbie is made by Mattel.
Kellogg’s had no idea and would never allow us to do anything like this.
And if we don’t get sued, it’ll be a miracle.
We thought that’d be phenomenal publicity, if we do get sued.
I mean,
walking in court with lawyers to defend myself that I made fun of the Pop-Tart
in a way that’s inappropriate —
I would love that trial.
That’s the only possible
sequel is to be on trial for Pop-Tart judges.”



Jerry Seinfeld & Netflix Tease the Epic Origin of the Pop-Tart in Unfrosted Trailer

Jerry Seinfeld finally realizes his long-held desire to tell the tale of the Pop-Tart in the first trailer for Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story.

When asked what his relationship with Kellogg’s is like today, Seinfeld answered: “Pure love. Okay? Unmitigated adoration.” And the comedian even assured the person conducting the interview that there are Pop-Tarts in his house today:

While devoted fans of “the show about nothing” continue to wait it out for a Seinfeld reunion, those die-hard followers of the comedian can sink their teeth into the sweet, sugary Pop-Tarts goodness of Unfrosted, which features an all-star cast: Melissa McCarthy, Hugh Grant, Jim Gaffigan, Amy Schumer, Christian Slate, Bill Burr, and, of course, Jerry Seinfeld as Bob Cabana. And be sure to check out MovieWeb’s Unfrosted review right now, which touts the film as “tasty but full of empty calories.”

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