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Hulu’s Death and Other Details Season 2 Cancelled

Hulu's Death and Other Details Season 2 Cancelled


  • Death and Other Details
    failed to secure a second season despite a promising premise and talented cast, leaving fans disappointed.
  • The show’s pacing issues, ineffective red herrings, and lack of character development contributed to its downfall.
  • The cancellation of
    Death and Other Details
    highlights the need for streaming series to engage viewers with compelling narratives and strong character arcs to succeed in the competitive landscape.

Hulu’s Death and Other Details is a prime example of a series that promised intrigue and suspense but was ultimately unable to secure a second season. The murder mystery, which starred Mandy Patinkin and Violett Beane, has been canceled after just one season, leaving fans with mixed feelings about its brief voyage.

Per THR, the cancellation of Death and Other Details adds it to the list of several other Hulu shows that have recently been axed, including How I Met Your Father, The Fool, and The Great. Unlike these shows, which enjoyed at least two seasons, Death and Other Details was not afforded the opportunity to further develop its story beyond its initial season.

Death and Other Details poster

Death and Other Details

Release Date
January 16, 2024


ABC Signature, Black Lamb

Heidi Cole McAdams, Mike Weiss

Streaming Service(s)

Death and Other Details embarked on a narrative journey aboard an ocean liner, where a series of murders unfolded. Patinkin and Beane’s characters were at the helm of solving the mystery, a premise that initially drew viewers in. However, the show’s reception was tepid, with a 55% critical score and 66% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite its potential, the series struggled to stand out in the competitive streaming landscape and failed to secure a spot in Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming rankings.

The downfall of Death and Other Details can be attributed to several key issues that plagued its reception. One of the most glaring problems was the show’s pacing. With ten episodes, the series felt drawn out for a mystery that began to unravel too early in the season. The narrative’s reliance on ineffective red herrings and a lack of compelling character development left viewers disengaged and uninterested in the unfolding mystery.

The Unresolved Mysteries and Missed Opportunities in Death and Other Details

Although the dynamic between Rufus Cotesworth (Patinkin) and Imogene Scott (Beane) offered some depth, it was not enough to salvage the overall appeal of the show. The season concluded with the revelation of Viktor Sams’ identity and a cliffhanger that hinted at a potential second season. However, the series’ inability to maintain its initial intrigue and captivate a wider audience ultimately led to its cancellation.

The premature end of Death and Other Details highlights the challenges that new series face in the crowded streaming market. For a show to thrive, it must consistently engage viewers with a compelling narrative, well-developed characters, and a sense of suspense that keeps them coming back for more.


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While Death and Other Details may have faltered, the demand for gripping murder mysteries remains strong. As streaming platforms continue to evolve, they will undoubtedly take note of the lessons learned from this series. The future of streaming mysteries will likely focus on tighter storytelling, richer character arcs, and more unpredictable plot twists to ensure that they capture and retain the attention of audiences worldwide.

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