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How Devon Sawa Became the Favorite Victim of ‘Chucky’s’ Creative Kills

How Devon Sawa Became the Favorite Victim of 'Chucky's' Creative Kills


  • Devon Sawa’s unexpected role evolution from temporary character to integral part captivates
    series fans and creator Don Mancini.
  • Sawa’s dynamic portrayal and adaptability led to his surprising return in subsequent
    series seasons.
  • Embracing creatively grim deaths orchestrated by Mancini, Sawa’s flexible approach enhances his

Devon Sawa has transitioned from a mere participant to an integral part under the watchful eye of Chucky series creator Don Mancini. Sawa, who initially appeared as a temporary character, has evolved into a recurring figure, embodying multiple roles throughout the show’s three suspenseful seasons.

In a recent interview with ComicBook, Sawa shared insights into his evolving relationship with the horror series and its creator, saying:

“I’m glad I didn’t just because season one, I mean, it would’ve changed a lot. Season one, I got the audition. I knew it was these two brothers and they’re dying and that’s it. I knew I was dying in episode one and I knew I was dying in episode seven, and so you’re just at peace with it. You’re like, okay, so I’m in these episodes, I die here. I’m going to have fun with this season. I’m going to go up to Toronto. I’m going to kick ass, and that’s it, and I’ll go find something after that.”



Release Date
October 12, 2021


SYFY, David Kirschner Productions, Eat the Cat

Sawa’s characters were not destined to survive past their introductory episodes. However, his dynamic portrayal caught the attention of Mancini, leading to Sawa’s unexpected return in subsequent seasons. Now, with the third season underway, Sawa finds himself deeply embedded in the Chucky series narrative.

The actor’s adaptability and willingness to embrace the unpredictable nature of his roles have made him a favored collaborator for Mancini. Sawa’s experience on set has transformed from a straightforward gig to a creative partnership. Sawa shared:

And so when he approached me after I died and said, Hey, would you like to come back next year? It was flattering and awesome.
Now it’s a little different. Now it’s on the end of season two. It was like, oh, well, I’m probably coming back. it’s been a treat. It’s been a treat that he does this.”

Watch Don Mancini Interview – Chucky Season 3 below:

Devon Sawa Embraces His Shocking Fate in Each Season of Chucky

Since his debut on the show, Sawa has faced a series of dramatic exits crafted by the imaginative mind of Mancini. From electrocution facilitated by his own character’s vomit to being bludgeoned by his on-screen son wielding a Chucky doll, Sawa’s tenure on the series has been anything but predictable. He takes a particular delight in the grim creativity his roles entail. Sawa said:

“Don gets so much joy out of coming up with these deaths. I remember him, he had a random idea. There was a different idea for season three before it became the White House, and I remember him running up to me with this idea of how I was going to die in it. He’s like, I came up with a really good idea of how you die in season three. And he told me, and he looked legitimately very excited about this death and how he was going to kill me. So I give him that joy. I don’t suggest anything. I let him think about how he’s going to kill me.”


Chucky Cast and Character Guide

Season 3 of Syfy’s Chucky series is here. Check out our Chucky cast and character guide to get up to date for the new season.

As Chucky continues to thrill and kill, Devon Sawa’s ever-evolving relationship with his on-screen mortality remains a darkly delightful aspect of the series.

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