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How Cate Blanchett’s Love for Escape from New York Landed Her Role in Borderlands

How Cate Blanchett's Love for Escape from New York Landed Her Role in Borderlands


  • Cate Blanchett brings a unique blend of grace and grit to her role in
    , influenced by her love for the cult classic
    Escape From New York
  • Director Eli Roth praises Blanchett’s versatility in physically demanding scenes, including wielding flamethrowers and twirling guns with finesse.
  • The ensemble cast of
    , led by Blanchett and including Jack Black and Kevin Hart, promises a high-energy space adventure narrative.

Cate Blanchett, better known for her intricate roles in films such as Blue Jasmine and Carol, will show a drastically different side of her acting prowess in Eli Roth’s adaptation of the sci-fi action video game Borderlands. Blanchett’s venture into the action genre is not just a career pivot but a nod to her personal love for cinematic thrillers, specifically the cult classic Escape From New York. In an interview with Empire, Roth shared:

She loves Escape From New York. It’s her favourite movie.
But nobody would know that because why would you ask her about Escape From New York when you’re interviewing her about Lydia Tár?”

Borderlands poster


Release Date
August 9, 2024

Eli Roth

102 min


Characters By
The Video Game Borderlands created by Gearbox Software and published by 2K

Rogier Stoffers, ASC, NSC

Ari Arad, p.g.a., Avi Arad, Erik Feig

Production Company
In association with Media Capital Technologies, an Arad / Picturestart Production, a Gearbox Studios / 2K Production.

In Borderlands, Blanchett steps into the shoes of Lilith, a character whose abilities demand a blend of grace and grit reminiscent of the most iconic action heroes. Her affinity for Escape From New York influenced her character portrayal, blending her known depth with newfound dynamism.

Roth’s enthusiasm for the project is evident. He focuses on Blanchett’s capabilities not just in dramatic roles but in physically demanding scenes that have her wielding flamethrowers and twirling guns with the finesse of a seasoned action star. He hinted at the spectacle of seeing Blanchett in such an uncharacteristically rugged avatar. Read Roth’s comment below:

“You’ve seen [her] twirling the baton [in Tár], but you haven’t seen her twirling guns behind her back. She’s a master at it. A big part of the fun of the movie is watching it and thinking, ‘I can’t believe they all did this crazy stuff.’ Cate with a flame-thrower — a real flame-thrower — come on! That’s pretty badass.”

Watch Borderlands Movie – Official Trailer below:

Borderland’s Ensemble Cast Goes for a Galactic Treasure Hunt

Director Eli Roth, excited about reuniting Blanchett with Jack Black (who voices the anarchic android Claptrap), sees this film as an opportunity to combine familiar chemistry with unexpected roles. Their previous collaboration in the 2018 family film The House With A Clock In Its Walls proved their dynamic range, and Borderlands promises to push this to new heights.

Borderlands sees Blanchett’s Lilith leading a band of outlaws through interstellar escapades to uncover hidden treasures on a distant planet. Aside from Jack Black’s android Claptrap, the ensemble cast also includes Kevin Hart as Roland and Jamie Lee Curtis as Tannis. With additional performances by Florian Munteanu, Haley Bennett, and Édgar Ramírez, the film is gearing up to deliver a high-energy narrative reminiscent of ensemble-driven, space adventure films.


20 Strongest Vault Hunters in the Borderlands Franchise

The Vault Hunters are some of the most powerful mercenaries in the Borderlands universe, and these 20 represent the best of the best.

The hype around Borderlands has been building, fueled by a trailer released in February that hinted at a tone similar to that of Guardians of the Galaxy, mixing humor with action-packed sequences set against a cosmic backdrop. The development of the film has been a subject of considerable interest, especially after it underwent reshoots led by Tim Miller, known for his work on Deadpool. This change in direction came as Eli Roth departed to work on his horror project, Thanksgiving.

is set to premiere on August 9, 2024.

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