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Hellraiser Producer Talks ‘Trying to Do a Follow-Up’ That’s ‘Even Crazier’

Hellraiser Producer Talks ‘Trying to Do a Follow-Up’ That's ‘Even Crazier’


  • Producer Keith Levine reveals “we are trying to do a follow-up” to the 2022
  • Levine admits that a sequel would be “even crazier and even more awesome” than the reimagining.
  • The First Omen,
    Levine’s upcoming horror project, hits theaters on April 5.

Producer Keith Levine still has “such sights to show you.” Those famous words were first uttered by Pinhead (Doug Bradley) in the original Hellraiser (1987). 35 years later, actress Jamie Clayton took up the mantle of the terrifying lead Cenobite in the Hellraiser (2022) reboot. And if Levine has his way, a Hellraiser sequel will be “even crazier” than the reimagining. While promoting his upcoming film, The First Omen, Levine revealed that “we are trying to do a follow-up.” The producer also teased reboot director David Bruckner’s involvement in the “conversations.” Levine said in his interview with

We are trying to do a follow-up and there have been conversations.
I can’t exactly say where we’re at in those conversations, but
[David] Bruckner is involved in those conversations.
And we spent a lot of time and energy, I think, relaunching that world. A lot of brainpower going into crafting the Cenobite design, figuring out how we’re going to pull them off, and we learned so much.”

Hellraiser (2022)


Release Date
October 7, 2022

Phantom Four Films, Spyglass Media Group

Levine continued:

“And I think moving forward, we love that all that knowledge is sort of banked and that time has been spent.
So, we think that moving forward and going into another movie is just going to be even crazier and even more awesome.
So yeah, that’s something we’re definitely hard at work on, and hope we will have more news soon.”

Doug Bradley Approved of the Reboot’s Designs

Many of the most painful and iconic deaths from the Hellraiser series happened well before Jamie Clayton suited up as Pinhead in the 2022 reboot. And the actor who originally brought the soul-tearing Cenobite to life, Doug Bradley, actually approved of the latest installment in the Hellraiser franchise, even though he didn’t return as Pinhead. Bradley said in an interview with Bloody Disgusting:

“I thought that the design elements of the remake were really the star of the show.
I loved what they’d done with

the redesign of the box.
metal grid around the house,
I had no idea why it was there, but it was certainly very cool. And all the stuff going on up in the ceiling, great!”


Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley Would Suit Up as Pinhead Again Under the Right Conditions

The original Pinhead can envision himself portraying a different version of the character.

Bradley also offered his thoughts on Clayton’s Pinhead makeup in the same interview:

“I thought the redesign of the makeup was very cool.
It was a bold thing to take on redesigning such an iconic makeup,
and I thought they did a very good job with it.
I loved the change of pallets. I loved those intestinal pinks and pale purples and so forth.”

The Hellraiser (2022) reboot is available to stream on Hulu. And be sure to check out all the other Hellraiser movies, which can be seen for absolutely free on Pluto TV, at the time of this writing. And producer Keith Levine’s latest horror project, The First Omen, opens in theaters on April 5.

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