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Hellboy Reboot Gets First Major Update in Months

Hellboy Reboot Gets First Major Update in Months


  • Hellboy: The Crooked Man
    reboot gets first update in months.
  • Director Brian Taylor promises unique, true-to-source material film experience for hardcore
  • Producer Les Weldone explains why Jack Kesy is perfect for a dark, moody Hellboy portrayal.

Believe it or not, another reboot of Hellboy is coming this year, and thanks to a new report, we may now know when. As per a report by The Wrap, and hidden amid a recent interview with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, it is revealed that the reboot, titled Hellboy: The Crooked Man, is now due to be released “this fall.” Considering that filming on Hellboy: The Crooked Man wrapped filming back in May last year, this would certainly make sense, and while this release window has not yet been confirmed officially, it is the most promising update we’ve had regarding the project for some time.

The Hellboy reboot will drop audiences in the 1950s, as Hellboy and a rookie BPRD agent find themselves stranded in rural Appalachia. They soon discover a small community haunted by witches, led by a local devil with a troubling connection to Hellboy’s past: the Crooked Man.

Directed by Brian Taylor (Crank, Happy!), from a screenplay by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden based on The Crooked Man limited series written by Mignola, Hellboy: The Crooked Man stars 12 Strong and Without Remorse actor Jack Kesy as Hellboy alongside Jefferson White, Adeline Rudolph, Leah McNamara, Joseph Marcell, and Hannah Margetson.

Will the Crooked Man Star Jack Kesy Be the Best Hellboy Yet?

While many are disappointed that neither Ron Perlman nor David Harbour will be reprising the role of the titular demon, producer Les Weldone has previously explained why Kesy is the perfect actor to portray the iconic comic book character, and how his iteration will differ from his predecessors.

“We went on a long soul-searching expedition to find the right Hellboy, and we knew that this Hellboy was gonna be a very moody, very kind of dark and creepy movie. There’s no gloss, nothing like that. And Jack, look, I had worked with Jack before, as had other guys in our company, and we sort of came to the same conclusion that that sort of personality he has was gonna work really nicely for that film.”

Best known for roles in the likes of David Fincher’s The Killer, 12 Strong, Baywatch, Without Remorse, and the TV series The Alienist, Kesy’s lead role in Hellboy: The Crooked Man is sure to see him launched onto the Hollywood A-list.


10 Scariest Villains from the Hellboy Franchise

Hellboy has faced off against a variety of horrifying villains, including famous names from folklore and history.

Director Brian Taylor, meanwhile, has teased what audiences can expect from Hellboy: The Crooked Man, with the filmmaker promising to stay true to the source material while bringing something wholly unique to the big screen. And not just when compared with the previous movies…

“I want fans to know that we’re coming at this film, from a place of love for the original material, and for the character, for Mike’s character. We’re not trying to reinvent some completely different idea of Hellboy—we’re trying to get back to the feeling of these particular books from the mid-aughts. It’s something that hasn’t been seen on screen before, but it’s a version I think hardcore Hellboy fans will want to see. Anyway, I do.”

Stay tuned for further updates on
Hellboy: The Crooked Man
(hopefully) soon.



Release Date
April 2, 2004


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