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Hawai’i Stars and Fans Respond to Series Cancelation After 3 Seasons at CBS

Hawai'i Stars and Fans Respond to Series Cancelation After 3 Seasons at CBS


  • NCIS: Hawai’i
    will not be renewed for a fourth season, ending with the current run of episodes, disappointing fans.
  • Stars and fans expressed mixed reactions on social media, with some calling out the network for its decision.
  • Co-creators of
    NCIS: Hawai’i
    were grateful for the opportunity to bring the show to life and create a special bond.

NCIS: Hawai’i will not be renewed for a fourth season, and will conclude at the end of the current run of episodes. The show, which follows the Pearl Harbor Field Office of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, became another popular addition to the NCIS family and is often praised for being female-led, and bringing strong People of Color and queer representation. The series will air its final episode on May 6.

Fans and stars of the series began sharing their thoughts on the cancelation on social media, with some calling out the network for shutting down the series while continuing on with new spin-offs that don’t cover the same kind of representation seen in the show. Several stars of the show have responded to the cancelation; some with sadness, others annoyance and bewilderment. One of the first stars to comment was Tori Anderson, who plays FBI agent Kate Whistler and shared her sadness and disbelief that the series has been brought to an end. She wrote on her X/Twitter account:

“Having a really hard time processing this one. Thank you to our incredible crew who made every single day feel like I was living a dream. I want to say thank you to all the fans. My heart breaks for you as well. This is a huge loss for representation. Love you all so much.”



Release Date
September 23, 2003

Mark Harmon , sean murray , Wilmer Valderrama , david mccallum , Rocky Carroll , Brian Dietzen


Additionally, Vanessa Lachey – Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant in the series, said she was “Gutted, confused, blindsided.” She added that she was “processing this news and still being present with my family. I love you all. Maholo Nui Loa.”

The decision to end NCIS: Hawai’i comes after a season that saw its third season reduced to 10 episodes due to delays caused by the Hollywood strikes of 2023. The show will now join the ranks of NCIS shows to have bitten the dust, such as NCIS: New Orleans, which ended in 2021, and NCIS: Los Angeles, which aired its final episode in 2023. NCIS: Sydney has recently been granted a second season following its successful debut last year.

Jason Antoon, who plays cyber intelligence specialist Ernie, took to his Instagram to share his thoughts on the cancelation, noting:

This business is brutal and makes no sense. But we had soooo much fun. Love you all and mahalo.

Even with the end of NCIS: Hawai’i, the potential for crossover appearances and some possible character returns in other branches of the franchise is always apparent. The interconnected NCIS universe has previously seen characters from one show turning up in another, including characters from NCIS: Los Angeles returning for the 1000th episode of the franchise.

NCIS: Hawai’i Co-Creators Join Fans to Lament on the Loss of the Series

While everyone seems to have been surprised by the decision to cancel one of the most representative shows in the NCIS franchise, especially in the wake of two new shows being announced in NCIS: Origins and the Tony and Ziva spin-off, the creators of the series were just thankful of the opportunity they were given to bring their show to life. Series co-creator Christopher Silber said:

“Four years ago, [Jan Nash], [Matt Bosack] and I started something very special. We joined with an incredible cast, amazing writers and crew… and gathered in Hawai’i to make a show. But ended up creating an ohana. I’m so grateful to you all.”

This was supported by fellow co-creator Matt Bosack, who added:

“[NCIS: Hawaii] was a dream. And while it’s ended, I am forever grateful to my partners, [Christopher Silber] and [Jan Nash], our amazing cast, led by [Vanessa Lachey], the entire crew, and this wonderful island I call home. I’m proud of the stories we were able to tell over these 3 seasons. To tell fun Navy crime mysteries but also dig into ideas about family, life, love, identity… To all the fans, especially those who saw themselves in these characters, mahalo nui loa. A hui hou.”


The 10 Saddest Episodes of NCIS

NCIS is one of the longest-running shows right now, and it has given us unforgettably sad scenes during that long run.

While NCIS: Hawai’i has now come to an end, the NCIS franchise continues to be a big concern at CBS. Tony and Ziva, portrayed by Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, will make their full return to the franchise to continue their story in a yet to be renamed new show, and NCIS: Origins will look at the younger years of the iconic character Leroy Jethro Gibbs, originally played by Mark Harmon, brought to screen with Austin Stowell taking on the lead role.

For fans, though, the loss of NCIS: Hawai’i is still a huge blow, regardless of these new spin-offs and the current roster of NCIS output. You can check out some of the comments from social media below.

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