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Ghostbusters Star Reveals Why They Have Lost Interest in Joining the MCU

Ghostbusters Star Reveals Why They Have Lost Interest in Joining the MCU


  • Finn Wolfhard once wanted Marvel, but now finds it unappealing due to recent movie performances.
  • Being part of the MCU doesn’t guarantee success, as some actors prefer other projects.
  • Despite recent challenges, Disney aims for quality in Marvel, potentially changing Wolfhard’s perspective.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire star Finn Wolfhard gave some brutal answers when questioned about the possibility of him joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the actor admitted that he had once wanted to be part of the comic book franchise, the enticing prospect of slipping into the MCU seems to have worn off due to the “mid” performance of recent movies.

Wolfhard is currently one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood, following his appearances in Stranger Things and the Ghostbusters franchise. However, in a new Vanity Fair video, the actor was hooked up to a lie detector and among the questions asked, he shared his honest view on whether he would be interested in becoming part of the MCU. Asked whether he had expressed an interest in gaining a role in a Marvel film, Wolfhard said:

However, a follow-up question asked whether he had lost interest in joining the franchise as “MCU films have been mid recently,” and the actor simply said, “Yes.”

It seems, though, that despite having resounding success in his two biggest franchise roles to date, the actor doesn’t believe that being a part of a Marvel movie would actually make any difference to the quality of it. He added:

“Do I believe that I would save the Marvel franchise alone as an actor? No.”

Has the MCU Lost Its Appeal for Many Actors?

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner & the MCU on Disney+
Marvel Studios/Disney+

Although Wolfhard suggests that the recent performance of Marvel movies has put him off potentially joining the franchise, this is not something that seems to have bothered his Stranger Things costar Joseph Quinn. After much speculation online, Quinn was announced as part of the cast of The Fantastic Four, playing Johnny Storm.

Just like many other aspects of the Marvel franchise, it seems that even actors are divided over whether it is worth finding a place in the churning machine or sticking with other less involving projects. Signing up for one Marvel movie usually means signing up for several – unless playing a villain, of course – and that automatically rules some actors out of venturing into that arena. Other stars simply have no interest in being part of something that is often criticized as being a lesser form of cinema.


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However, that is just one side of the coin, and there are many actors who have, or will soon, be stepping into the roles of more heroes and villains of Marvel Comics. Regardless of the problems that have been faced by the franchise in the last couple of years, Disney is not simply going to dump its biggest franchise on the back of a relatively small rough patch. With Bob Iger having reined in the excessive output of Marvel Studios, and turned attention to a “quality over quantity” outlook going forward, perhaps the franchise may well be able to entice Wolfhard to come knocking on the door in the future.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
is in cinemas.
Stranger Things
is expected to debut its fifth and final season in 2025.

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