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Ghostbusters’ Ernie Hudson to Star in New Disney Public Domain Horror Movie

Ghostbusters' Ernie Hudson to Star in New Disney Public Domain Horror Movie


  • Filmmakers are capitalizing on public domain characters like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for horror films like
    Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole.
  • Ernie Hudson is set to star in the new film as Oswald Jebediah Coleman, a brilliant animator trapped in a magical prison.
  • This sinister take on the nostalgic cartoon character aims to bring a unique and vengeful spirit to life on screen.

When beloved characters from years past enter the public domain, it’s inevitable that filmmakers will find a way to use them for all manner of twisted purposes. It happened with Winnie the Pooh via the Blood and Honey franchise, and it will happen once more with a new film titled Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole, which has tapped Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson as its lead. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was a pivotal character in Disney’s early years from 1927 to 1938, before he was replaced by Mickey Mouse.

As per Deadline, Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole will be directed by Lilton Stewart III, with Lucinda Bruce serving as producer. With a budget of just $4.5 million dollars, cameras are set to begin rolling this Spring, with a 2025 release date in mind. Hudson, who will star as Oswald Jebediah Coleman, a brilliant animator who is cast away to a bone-chilling magical prison, says he’s “excited” about the project.

“I am excited to work with everyone on this production. It’s an incredibly creative and smart project.”

Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole will follow the main character, Art (Topher Hall), as he and his brother Evan (Yasha Rayzberg) look to discover more about their family lineage, only to find themselves transported to a place lost in time in what ends up being a bloodcurdling nightmare. The film is described as “a sinister take on a nostalgic fan-favorite cartoon character encompassing the pure horror genre.”

Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole Was Written With Ernie Hudson in Mind

While some writers and directors have a general idea of who they’d like to star in their films during the early days of the creative process, Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole’s creator, producer, and director, Lilton Stewart III, knew straight away that he wanted Ernie Hudson for the project. He says he had a very “specific vision” in mind, and admires the stars “iconic cinematic legacy.” Check out his statement below.

“I had a very specific vision for Oswald’s character and knew I wanted Ernie for this role from the start, as I’ve always admired iconic cinematic legacy. Ernie is going to bring Oswald’s unique and vengeful spirit to life in the best way possible.”

For her part, producer Lucinda Bruce calls the chance to work with the Ghostbusters star a “dream come true.” She adds, “I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to portray Oswald in the film and am thrilled for the audience to see what we are working on.”


‘I Don’t Quite Know Why You Do a Reboot’: Ernie Hudson Explains Why Ghostbusters 2016 Failed Fans

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire star Ernie Hudson shares his candid view on why Ghostbusters 2016 just didn’t work for the franchise’s fandom.

With a career spanning 48 years thus far, Ernie Hudson shows no signs of slowing down. He’s fresh off the success of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, where there’s a better than even chance he’ll reprise the role of Winston Zeddemore in future installments. Aside from Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole, the 78-year-old Hudson is also set to appear in Justine Bateman’s avante-garde film, FEEL, as well as the movie Mr. Beebee, a horror film directed by Shannon Shae which sees a small town Sheriff investigating the sudden disappearance of local children who all seem to share the same imaginary friend.

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