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Georgie’s Young Sheldon Wedding May Foreshadow The Big Bang Theory in a Major Way

Georgie's Young Sheldon Wedding May Foreshadow The Big Bang Theory in a Major Way

When Jim Parsons pitched the idea of a prequel to The Big Bang Theory that would highlight Sheldon Cooper’s childhood, the producers immediately jumped at the opportunity and put pen to paper. Plenty of plot points and colorful characters lining the boy genius’ upbringing had already been established throughout TBBT, and with Parsons himself coaching the new Sheldon, Iain Armitage, behind the scenes, everything transitioned rather smoothly.

As Sheldon (Armitage) has naturally grown up over the years, the focus of the sitcom has become less about the little scientist and more about the entire Cooper family. Missy (Raegan Revord), MeeMaw (Annie Potts), Sheldon’s parents (Lance Barber and Zoe Perry), and Georgie (Montana Jordan) have all received their own spotlight at times, and now that the series is coming to a close, all eyes seem to be on Georgie and his new little family.

A confirmed spinoff following Georgie, his bride-to-be Mandy (Emily Osment), and their baby girl is in the works, so it only makes sense that the last few episodes of Young Sheldon bring their storyline to the forefront. With the first picture of Georgie and Mandy’s wedding being released, plenty of viewers are raising their eyebrows as Sheldon is nowhere to be seen.

Everyone knows Georgie and Sheldon rarely see eye to eye on things, but for the younger brother not to be there to support his older brother during a life-changing event is insane. Perhaps this is the start of their falling out that we later see in The Big Bang Theory.

Georgie’s Wedding Is One of Two Major Events in Young Sheldon’s Final Season

While Young Sheldon has successfully risen to the top of many charts, and plenty of fans clearly love the whole family dynamic of the Coopers, we all knew it would come to an end much sooner than anyone wanted. Naturally, the younger Sheldon’s arc has to come to an end to match up with where adult Sheldon’s story begins in The Big Bang Theory. This being said, there is no great anticipation of his sendoff to Caltech. However, two events have fans at the edge of their seats: Georgie and Mandy’s wedding and the death of George Sr.

Young Sheldon’s Season 7 Is Packed with Big Events for the Coopers

With a short glimpse into the season seven, episode six trailer, fans are excited to see Georgie and Mandy finally planning their wedding. Unfortunately, as many people know, there are a few too many opinions flying around when their families — more specifically, their mothers — decide to get involved. Sheldon declares that he is “the best,” and he is “a man;” therefore, he must be the best man at the ceremony.

However, Georgie tells him “no” while Mandy looks at her soon-to-be brother-in-law like he is crazy for even suggesting a prominent role in the wedding. While this decision may cause a riff in the brothers’ relationship — and potentially lead to the reason Sheldon does not appear at the courthouse for the ceremony — fans hope the two can come together for the other highly-anticipated event: their father’s death.

George Sr. is supposed to pass away just as Sheldon makes his way to Caltech, and that timeline is coming to a close within the next couple of weeks. Fans do not want to see the patriarch go down as he and Mary have finally been on much better terms with their marriage, but alas, certain things have to take place in order for storylines to match up.

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Is Sheldon’s Absence from Georgie and Mandy’s Wedding the Start of Something?

Where is Sheldon When the Young Couple Says, “I do”?

When People released the first promotional still of Georgie and Mandy’s wedding, fans were quick to notice that the boy genius was nowhere to be seen among the rest of the family members. At first, many viewers speculated that since the image appears to be set in a courthouse, the wedding was a spontaneous one, and Sheldon would not have had time to join the rest of the Coopers and Mandy’s family in the whole event.

However, because Georgie told Sheldon that he would in fact not be his best man, there is a possibility that the younger Cooper has gotten his feelings hurt. It is rather unlikely, given how matter-of-fact Sheldon is when it comes to social events, but it is still a thought lingering in many minds.

What we do know at the time is this: Sheldon and Georgie are just a few weeks away from never speaking again; that is, until adult Sheldon gets married and is forced to invite Georgie to his own wedding. Fingernails are getting gnawed as plenty of fans are nervous that Sheldon’s absence and lack of support for his brother is going to be the final straw that divides the two, and all we can do is sit and watch the chaos unfold.

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How Sheldon Feels About His Big Brother Georgie in The Big Bang Theory

Georgie and Sheldon Have Been at Odds for Quite a Bit of Time

While younger Sheldon may have quite a few not-so-pent-up negative feelings about his big brother throughout Young Sheldon, we actually don’t get to see much of a relationship between the two in The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon rarely mentions his older brother to Leonard (Johnny Galecki) or the rest of the gang until the second to last episode of season 11, when Sheldon’s mother insists he invites Georgie (Jerry O’Connell) to his wedding.

Sheldon then goes on a rant about how much his brother used to bully him back in the day and how he wants to have no part of that at his wedding. However, to appease his rather stubborn mother, Sheldon and Leonard head to Dallas, Texas to ask Georgie to attend his wedding.

Things do not exactly go according to plan when Sheldon and Georgie reunite, as both Coopers have some hidden and harsh feelings about one another. Sheldon feels as though Georgie is a loser and a bully, but Georgie, who actually goes by “George” now that he is an adult, makes Sheldon realize that things were not so easy for him while they were growing up.

George explains that when their father died, Sheldon went off to college in California and practically left his big brother behind to pick up the pieces of their grieving family. Sheldon never knew how much George had done for everyone back in Medford, let alone why he never filled in his little brother on any of the hardships. Happily, the two were able to reconcile after not speaking to one another for more than a decade, but now as fans watch the final few episodes of Young Sheldon, that wedge between them is bound to get bigger.

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